I have been compiling the averages and once the last practice test is completed a winner from each class will be determined. Remember to dress up this week!! Imitate the mentor sentences. My side of the story video 3: Include reasons for your choice. I would suggest keeping it in your Math notebook along with your notes. Dear Parent, Welcome to an exciting new school year!

Narrative — student create their final draft. We are beginning our new novel, “Wonder” today. Keep checking the parent and student page for updates on these scores! MCT2 Review Test 3. I dismiss the class, not the clock.

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I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and a master’s of arts in teaching. Packets and team surveys will be hoomework through the Google Classroom, so get signed up today!! Let’s finish this year off on a positive note!!

Parts of a Book pg. Students will read Ch. As the school semester comes to a close, I want to homewwork the time to thank all of my parents for raising such caring, sweet, wonderful kids.


For homework this week, students will complete a reading package focusing on summarizing.

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Hopefully this is a little more interesting than the elephants. Papers without names will not be graded until the owner has been found. Listen to The Bloody Tower. This 9 week’s essential questions are: Following the assembly, parents and students may visit their teachers. December 13 will come sooner than expected. Can you believe the year is almost over??


Please make sure your child has had breakfast and a good nights rest. Students will cmhs write a scary short story and read and develop and argument essay from “Killer Fries. Students will also be getting their copies of the Scholastic Scope. Pair up against drugs: I hope your child has enjoyed this book as much as I did. The code is on the blog. Write HW in agenda; study the definitions for figurative langauge.

Pronoun Notes with practice. While you read, make homeworl list of words from the story that describe why this dog might make a great pet. Show some of the different types of maps that were used throughout history and the positives and negatives about each type of map. Students will research The Tower of London and the two royals. I am sending home material Monday, October 2. Wear your Mustang spirit clothing Friday: Students will also take notes on annotating text.


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8th grade homework chms

Complete quiz on tools of persuasion 2. Identify the similarities and differences within each sentence.

Students went to the computer lab to complete DRP reading level testing. If emergencies become a habit than parents will be notified. Create flashcards for Set 3 vocabulary. All Graded papers will be sent home Thursday, September Students have until Friday at 3:

8th grade homework chms