Whatever imperfections may be justly ascribed to them, which, however, are as few as any mortals have discovered, their judgment in framing their policy was founded in wise, humane, and benevolent principles. Have not some generals from England treated us like servants, nay, more like slaves than like Britons? On the 17th of February, Congress had resolved that a standing committee of five be appointed for superintending the Treasury; their duties were pointed out; and Mr. John Adams and Mr. Hancock too, with uniform politeness. I expected no more would be said in public, but that the question would be put and decided. The Committee appointed to prepare a preamble, thought it not necessary to be very elaborate, and Mr.

Some time in the month of October, ,—I cannot from the Journals, ascertain the day, 1 —worn down with continual application, through all the heats of a summer in Philadelphia, anxious for the state of my family, and desirous of conferring with my constituents on the critical and dangerous state of affairs at home, I asked leave of Congress to be absent, which they readily granted. Deane among others, to attend Congress the next May; but on the second Thursday of October, , the General Assembly of Governor and Company left him out. The consequence of a capture would be a lodging in Newgate. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. This resolution and order was indeed assuming the powers of government in a manner as offensive as the measures we proposed could have been; but it left all the powers of government in the hands of Assemblies, Conventions, and Committees, which composed a scene of much confusion and injustice, the continuance of which was much dreaded by me, as tending to injure the morals of the people, and destroy their habits of order and attachment to regular government. And in this they discovered the depth of their wisdom and the warmth of their friendship to human nature. A memorial from sundry officers who served in Canada, referred to the board of war.

Duane, I thought it an acquisition, for it was a precedent of advice to the separate States to institute governments, and I doubted not we should soon have more occasions to follow this example.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

Smith, requesting leave to resign his office of deputy mustermaster-general, were laid before Congress, and read. Livingston, afterwards Governor of New Jersey.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law – Teaching American History

The board of war brought in a report, which was taken into consideration, whereupon, Resolved, as in the Journal. The charge of cowardice he soon confuted, by a glorious and voluntary sacrifice of his life, which compelled his enemies to confess he was a hero. Resolved, Dissertatoon the farther consideration of the report be postponed till to-morrow.


On the 17th of February, Congress had resolved that a standing committee of five be appointed for superintending the Treasury; their duties were pointed out; and Mr.

The absurdity of carrying on war against a king, when so many 175 were daily taking oaths and affirmations of allegiance to him.

It will readily be supposed that a great part of these instructions were opposed by our antagonists with great zeal; but they were supported on our side with equal ardor, and the acceptance of them afforded a strong proof of the real determination of a majority of Congress to go with us to the final consummation teh our wishes.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law by John Adams

It is said there are lawyers in the United States who receive five thousand guineas a year, and many dkssertation named who are said tbe receive to the amount of ten thousand dollars.

Richard Stockton, Francis Hopkinson, and Dr. They would probably, upon less occasions than this, have begun by solemn invocations to their divinities for assistance; but the question before me appeared so simple, that I had confidence enough in the plain understanding and common sense that had been given me, to believe that I could answer, to the diwsertation of the House, all the arguments which had been produced, notwithstanding the abilities which had been displayed, and the xissertation with which they had been enforced.

I reasoned from various topics, many of which, perhaps, I could not now recollect. The last of these is in these words. Harrison as chairman of the committee of the feudwl. A letter from the Canada Commissioners, one from General Washington of the 19th, one from General Schuyler, inclosing sundry letters and papers from Canada, and one from the committee of inspection of West Augusta, with sundry papers inclosed, were referred to Mr. Although the opposition was still inveterate, many members of Congress began to hear me with more patience, and some Edition: A native of America who cannot read and write is as rare an appearance as a Jacobite or a Roman Catholic, that is, as rare as a comet or an earthquake.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

Under the pretext of avoiding to commit the legislature of the State in any act of rebellion, he got a committee appointed with some discretionary powers, under which they undertook to appoint the members to Congress.

Jay, and two letters from the Convention of New York, of the 11th, with sundry papers inclosed, among which were the following resolutions. Lee, and to keep out Harrison. He had read Greek, Roman, and British history, and was familiar with English poetry, particularly Pope, Thomson, and Milton, and the flow of his soul made all his reading our own, and seemed to bring to recollection in all of us, all we had ever read.


I shall, at some other time, take more notice of some of these books. The marine committee brought in a report on the conduct of Commodore Hopkins.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

The committee to whom the letters from Generals Schuyler, Wooster, and Arnold, were referred, brought in their report. I answered that, as to recalling Mr. But it seems very manifest from the Stamp Act itself, that a design is formed to strip us in a great measure of the means of knowledge, by loading the press, the colleges, and even an almanac and a newspaper, with restraints and duties; and to introduce the inequalities and dependencies of the feudal system, by taking from the poorer sort of people all their little subsistence, and conferring it on a set of stamp officers, distributors, and their deputies.

Write me oaw sentiments upon the subject. The remaining third will run or fly upon the first thought of it.

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These, I suppose, were the ministers to France and other courts in Europe. But yet it was made instrumental of much delay and amusement to numbers.

This resolution was the effect of my late journey through the Jerseys to Staten Island. I mention these committees to show how all these great questions labored. At daybreak, orders were given diseertation the ship to unmoor. Thus I find myself invested with the unexpected trust of a kind of guardianship of two promising young gentlemen, besides my own son.

Had this, however, been otherwise, their enthusiasm, considering the principles on which it was founded and the ends to which it was directed, far from being a reproach to them, was greatly to their honor; for I believe it will be found universally true, that no great enterprise for the honor or happiness of mankind was ever achieved without a large dissertatuon of that noble infirmity.