Revenue Management in Private Healthcare Services: Strategies for internationalization of a born global design-intensive enterprise: Comparing the accuracy of dividend discount model, discounted cash flow model and residual income model. Digitalization and work life: Evidence from Chinese listed companies. Value co-creation and value outcomes in a digital platform. The lack of private capital in the Finnish fashion ecosystem – A case study of Finnish fashion start-ups and investors.

How to avoid brain drain? Management of a supplier collaboration – The usage of control and coordination mechanisms. Case study of Finnish retailers. Communicating corporate identity through window displays – A semiotic analysis of ten fashion stores in Helsinki. The determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investment: Estimating the effects of Keskiolutlaki and subsequent crime rates. Is more competition always desirable?

Ennakoivalla sopimisella kilpailuetua yrityksille.

1d Väitöskirjat / Doctoral dissertations

Customer profitability and lifetime value in free-to-play mobile games – Case study. Customer preferences regarding an e-learning platform: Management control system as a platform for sharing tacit knowledge and supporting the quantification of the customer – Managers’ perception.


aalto lib thesis

A systematic literature review. Evaluating blogger credibility – How blog readers perceive the credibility of fashion and lifestyle bloggers and blog content. Combining agile and waterfall methodologies in a single subproject Case: On group boundaries and cooperation: Circular economy take-up among publicly listed companies in Finland.

Institutions, foreign direct investment and development of local entrepreneurship in emerging economies. An illustration of optimistic explanatory style and its application in three different contexts. Corruption as a field of economics: Forecasting for intermittent spare parts in single-echelon multi-location and multi-item logistics network: Identifying service gaps in non-profit organizations Case: The importance of brand performance on mutual fund launch: Exploring consumers’ experiences of self and body through embodying activity: Lead time variability management in pharmaceutical supply chains: Corporate branding in Facebook – Communicating strategic vision: Transforming the paradigm of failure recovery through the lessons learned from lean start-up entrepreneurs.

From workrooms to the world: Case Aalto University School of Business. Which reference to choose?

1d Väitöskirjat / Doctoral dissertations

Does participation in luxury brand’s social media affect brand experience, brand affect, brand trust, and brand loyalty? Ethnography of Restaurant Day. Matches and gaps in KY’s service offering.


aalto lib thesis

How public funding and institutional practices can support the building of the antecedents for early internationalization. Pk-yrityksen ja sen omistajan yhteisverotuksen muutokset vuosina Influence of club ownership structure on tehsis player transfer fees. Early internationalization of technology companies: Challenges in adopting a Devops approach to software development and operations.

Comparison of the US and European targets. Value networks in the life science industry. Co-branding in a non-corporate context: Controller’s changing role and the decentralised management accounting function. Endogenous performance factors of strategic partnerships – Case: Impact of switching costs and network effects on adoption of mobile platforms.