For example, Ratu David Tonganivalu warned that the Fijian chiefs must remain a force for moderation, balance and fair play against such extremism. As an indigenous Fijian myself, I find Mr Khaiyum’s thesis absolutely correct on almost all points. Third was FLP emerging as still a potent political force likely to win election They refused to abide by the tenets of tradition and custom while the chiefs were entering the world of commerce and business and doing well for themselves. What took place on 5 December were a military coup and not a civilian coup. Your society still looks to you to deliver the goods-you are subjected to old pressures, and new ones.

Burton, had this qualification: Durutalo, in terms of class struggle, condemned the Alliance and the NFP for perpetuating those divisions. For the last 15 years I have done nothing but educate him. Their proper role was at the local village level, because ‘when it comes to politics, the chiefs do not have the mandate of the people’. The colonial Parliament changed its name from Legislative Council to House of Representatives with an appendix, the Senate but its whole racial foundation and electoral system remained the same, as did the education and public health system, the Council of Chiefs, and the army and bureaucracy. In his opening address to the Council of Chiefs, he outlined what were to him the worst aspects of chiefly rule in Fiji: Others have accused them of being experts at political manipulation; they are fronts for big-time multi-national companies and commission agents, they promote racial hatred; they thwart every genuine move towards national cohesion and democracy; in short, theirs is, in many senses, a role actually subversive of the unity, progress and stability of this country.

He believed, ‘in bigger and brighter villages, with schools teaching, for the most part, agricultural subjects and handicraft rather than academic groundwork’.

But he couldn’t do this so the only option was to bring in an outsider, someone who was not part of the clique qiyaz military officers giving unspoken support to the extremist elements lurking in the public arena. In the perspective of history, the formation of the FLP and thesos statements of its leaders saw the rebirth of the ‘agitational politics’ whose origins can be traced to militancy among the Indo-Fijian labourers on the sugar plantations.


aiyaz khaiyum thesis

There was firm opposition towards education of Indo-Fijians. Just because the Constitution has not been abrogated or suspended does not mean khaiymu the Commodore is not the new ruler of Fiji. In reply, the future prime minister Dr Timoci Bavadra immediately criticized Ratu Mara for raising the race issue. The political maverick Apisai Tora also entered the fray, claiming in Parliament that the action of the NFP in the election was aiysz show of arrogance viavialevu and insults heaped on the Fijian chiefs could only be made by people belonging to the lowest caste kaisi bokola botoboto.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

Its implication for the nation state concurs aiyax the above critiques on cultural administrations such as the village bylaws where he argues that the continuation of separate indigenous Fijian administration has restricted the growth of a coherent national narrative, in politics, myth and ritual. The Constitution was something like a sellout to that very ideology.

Their descendants have since continued the struggle and, with one notable exception, the strikes these days have assumed a multi-racial rather than a racial dimension.

It must be accepted. On the day Mr Qarase took over the leadership of the country, a farmer Chandrika Prasad filed the now celebrated legal challenge in the Lautoka High Court.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Bear this in mind. What exactly is wrong with Mr Khaiyum’s thesis? Click structure of a research essay to find more! Bhaiyum has learnt nothing from history that its no wonder everyone hates aiyza with Frankie being his typical lackey because any policy implemented just turns out to be useless.

Bravo, the Max has spoken and he is speaking from the inner temple.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Sayed Khaiyum’s Final Solution thesis: read it for yourself

Bainimarama was an outsider to these politicians and they couldn’t aitaz to trust him to support their plan to destabilise the country should FLP win the next election.

Dakuvula went on the claim that ‘what the Taukei Movement and the Great Council of Chiefs proposal will achieve is the exact opposite of what they desire: His men however have the finger on the trigger to let off their guns, which have remained silent since 5 December. He noted that in the phase of decolonization, power was transferred through virtually unchanged government institutions, to largely hand-picked heirs, the new ruling group in Fiji.


They work for you partly because the law to some extent compels them. Firstly, Commodore Bainimarama and his senior military officers have executed a military coup, unlike where their actions had arisen from a civilian coup cum a deadly hostage crisis.

Dr Baba, speaking for FLP, denied these charges. It is a system for which we have the deepest respect and which we will defend. But I beg to differ from both of them as far as political belief and standing are concerned…My loyalty to the Tui Vuda as chief of the Vanua is unshakable. How will the village bylaws serve the total development of iTaukei villages?

Every time I come around to read what’s going on, I see these uninformed people making wild guesses and innuendos about all and sundry. And the consequence is that I am in the proud position to-night, as I shall presently show you, of being able to make him do anything I like. PS Mr Khaiyum is a big boy and can look after himself. The Chiefs are so humble, their personalities and their character do not make them forceful enough when they discuss matters.

It seems that the modern day commoner Fijian has other perspectives on education and political power in contemporary Fiji. But Butadroka described his dispute with Ratu Mara as a political one claiming that ‘European politics and traditional matters are two different things’.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

Hence he concludes that cultivating cultural or ethnic cleavages for administration and politics should end. Menu The new deal did it end Charles beard framing constitution Mba essay questions and answers. He also claims that when it was learnt that Parliament would not sit on Friday they had agreed to bring forward the coup to Thursday. Ratu Mara, in the preface to Scarr’s biography, Ratu Sukuna: