I’ve been hearing some people saying that there will be no more exemptions for first class degree holders. Anonymous 15 April at If your first class exemption approved after 6 months and you already repaying them, they will refund to you or debit to diploma loan account. How good USM is! I called them up after 1 and a half months to check on the status to find out that my application was deemed incomplete because a letter from Monash is missing. It’s a very standard procedure and I hope everyone who is qualified can get their exemptions too!

Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Photocopy of academic transcripts verified by your university 4. Can’t they just tell what documents have to be verified at once. The lady said my CGPA 3. I took few subjects compare to other students in a semester which made me finish slow. Hi, I have the same situation as you. Newer Post Older Post Home.

application letter for ptptn exemption

If you have not received it, please click here. Anonymous 24 June at Ive been maintaining a gud cgpa through out the semesters. Jordan 24 May at Zhijue 20 April at I might look fierce but I’m actually a very friendly person.


[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

Want to change your mobile number? The application ain’t complicated at all, so good luck to you all! But the syarat didnt mention about 3.

application letter for ptptn exemption

In this case, is the scholarship considered a sponsorship and will this inhibit me from successfully converting the loan ltter a scholarship?? Ameera ameen 24 November at Verification letter if “First Class” is not stated in your degree certificates 5.

Osman raheem 29 April at My uni first class 3. I did go through every verification process from my school of faculty, and the person who prepared all the documents for me also told me that these are the documents they required.

Please check your inbox. However, after 6 months you will have to repay based on the amount agreed in your agreement. So at the end I chose to post my documents via pos laju, and my application was approved within 1 month! In this case, what should I do? Hi, i exemptioon a question, regarding the application form downloaded from ptptn website should it be verified as well?


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PTPTN first class exemption

If you’re UMT student, just continue to read leter post. Anonymous 17 September at Hi, thank you for your information. Unknown 27 November at PTPTN loan for degree. So the question here is. My advice is, do it as soon as you get your certs. Prepare a big envelope, put everything inside:. You are done with the first part.

It’s me writing again, finally, after so long!

Follow Me Facebook Twitter Instagram. PTPTN will send a letter to your home once you successfully apply for the exemption. Because I found that I lost my copy. I would like to receive recommendations of private institutions if I do not gain admission via UPU.