Have you decided about what to study next? Thanx Xavier for really good info and post the official letter, hope my application success soon Therefore, sometimes, we need to appreciate what we have now. Application must be submitted within a period of twelve 12 months from the date of convocation. Retry now Want to change your mobile number? Apply for loan repayment exemption or convert it to scholarship NOW!

One more thing, is the approval process faster if i send to ptptn HQ instead of other officers? Actually, I suspect that maybe we can just ignore it reference number since PTPTN should be able to “search” all applicants’ information based on our IC number. Its content should cover your personal details, purposes, etc. Then, you need patience and wait for the good news. Just 4 days ago, I’ve received the letter saying that my application is successful. I will give it a try anyway.

However, I was able to retake it and finish the studies within the stipulated period.

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appication I think we can learn two things from your case. Because I applied payment hold for diploma loan due continue study, but when I apply exemption for degree after 3 years they asked me to pay my diploma loan outstanding RM7, from time being, total RM20, only they will proceed my application.


Kuala Lumpur, 26th March Personally, I do not think it is necessary to include a recommendation letter. First stage they check your outstanding payment.

Posted by isroxck at Based on my limited information, the exemption of loan “before July ” was given by PTPTN, but “after Jan ” is given by Forr government from its limited budget. Supposedly, once we have received the exemption letter, it means we do not have any loan with ptptn.

Hi, i want to ask if i use pos express to post my documents to ptptn office, how know they have received my documents? I took few subjects compare to other students in a semester which made me finish slow. Some people suggest that you’d include No.

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If you’re looking right at the website and you can still download the application form then you definitely can still covert the loan to a scholarship. Therefore, for me, I prefer the first option to avoid unnecessary trouble. I may have missed a month or two, and i do not wish to have my exemption held back for this reason. And with the number of applications they receive, it may take more than that.


Hi Tee, Thanks for your sharing.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

I still in loan agreement period, and can I go apply repayment exemption? I have a question here. Hi, As far as I know, the exemption is only applicable to students of Bachelor’s Degree.

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Congrats on ur application approval. Labels School Life Sharing.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Applicxtion are welcome to share with me here if you find out that actually we can ignore the reference number in the letter. Monash is super professional and prepared everything for me from top to toe. So the first thing should be to make sure the application will succeed. Zhijue 20 April at Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt Leona 11 August, Osman raheem 29 April at D It’s a little faster than I expected Applicatoon expected to receive the letter in Jan ! Please check your inbox.

Courses you are interested in choose min. Are you an international student?

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

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