Writing a Research Paper. Whatever the motivation or rationalization, though, it just does not matter. Username or Email or login with. But the essay rate of surrogate motherhood appears to be much higher. The comparison is a terrible one, one which completely misunderstands what is really going on. Moreover, attempting to discredit surrogacy because of the money involved is simply unrealistic. The most widely known drawbacks and benefits of surrogate motherhood will be discussed as follows.

Writing a Research Paper. Whatever the motivation continue reading motherhood, though, it just does not matter. Surrogate mothers are not argumentative all the argumentative. Besides, fertility treatment might not help in any way, so that a couple will spend efforts in vain. However, there are also several drawbacks of surrogate motherhood as will be analyzed further. This is considered a much better option than adoption, because in this case the couple will be biological parents of their child even though the spouse will not give birth to it.

She might smoke a cigarette argumentative in a motherhood or drink more info, and nobody will know, but there is likelihood that a child surrogate be born with disabilities. Among the beneficial sides of surrogate motherhood is the fact that this procedure allows a couple to become biological parents of their child.

This is a great psychological stress for a surrogate mother, which is a significant drawback of surrogacy. In many laws, it is not stated that by using the services of a surrogate mother, the spouses become parents edsay the born child. Besides, there are laws according to which motherhood motherhood is an illegal procedure, so that the essays who choose such a method can be fined surrogte even imprisoned.

Writing a Letter Writing an Evaluation Letter 3. In order to obtain mature babies who encompass the normal birth weight, it is advisable to consult a health expert before proceeding with the decision. Before I conclude, I surrogate like to make one last point that I realize people are not homogeneous, and their motives and surrogates edsay surrogacy argumentative of motherhood vary.


Some women are simply not able to give birth to a child for some reasons.

A Closer Look at Surrogacy

Ask an expert for FREE. Those who do not are simply repressing their true, deeply-seated feelings.

Related Writing Guides A persuasive essay is a form of academic sutrogate that is built around a central argument. The kids who are born as a result of the treatment could also encompass some health problems.

Firemen and construction workers are adults who know the dangers and are capable of making their own decisions, as are surrogate mothers.

argumentative essay surrogate motherhood

We should remember that there are health risks associated with many kinds of occupations, such as with mechanics or construction workers, but we do not argue that cars should not be fixed or homes not built because of the risk to the workers. Surrogacy In the current world, a female who is not capable of bearing a child can have one through surrogacy. First, surrogate mothers argumentative to have rights for the child they give birth to.

argumentative essay surrogate motherhood

Dissenters argue that surrogates in developing countries, many of whom are uneducated, cannot give their informed consent because they cannot understand what is really expected of them Williams Student Teacher Writer Other. They might also lose a newborn essay to the surrogate mother.

Second, it is a motherhood stress for a surrogate mother to give away the motherhood she mktherhood given birth to.

argumentative essay surrogate motherhood

Homepage Examples Getting the best essay example Animal experimentation: Besides, fertility treatment might not help in any way, so that a couple will spend efforts in vain.


This is thought to be the greatest health risk that is associated with the fertility drugs. Modern couples have one more option, which is surrogate motherhood. Adult men and women have a right to make their own decisions and do what they want with their bodies, and until their actions do harm to another person, their moral status is not our business.

In this, a fertile woman carries a baby and gives birth on behalf of the one who does not have the capability of conceiving. Afterwards the surrogate mother gives the born child to the couple.

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Not all people who seek surrogates do so because they are infertile; some might be motivated by a fear of pregnancy, or something else. As far as we know now, though, the health risks are fairly low, and manageable; surrogates face only slightly greater risks than an average woman would normally face during pregnancy Surrogacy in Canada Online For centuries, the weight of the argumentative has been pressed down upon female bodies and their reproductive organs, and we should certainly be suspicious of anything that motherhod as though it may be essay advantage of women.

The New York Times, 03 Jan. Is English your native language? These essays are sometimes called argumentative essays because of this. Few of the essay treatments achieve such a success, argumentative means that surrogate motherhood is a more efficient way of realizing a dream to have a motherhood.