Overall the population pyramid has become more symmetrical. They give people orientation about what is good or bad, what is desirable or undesirable and thus being the basic element of every culture Inglehart, , p. Table of contents Illustration directory 1. The 13th population calculation by the Federal Statistical Office from makes it clear that the german demography is in transition. There is an increasing shortage of workers. Age structure of the population in compared to Illustration 2: In order to be more successfull than the competitors, companies not only have to be more attractive to the outside but also have to deliver the expected perfor- mance internally von der Oelsnitz et al.

The economy is in transition. This includes flexible work time models, diversity management, culture of learning and team work. This is mainly due to the low birth rate which is around 1. Also university and university of applied sciences graduates are called specialists. It insists on its free time and accepts that women and men are equal.

To get a first impression the first chapter will introduce the topic.

The current situation on the labour market and the resulting corporate culture

Unternehmenskulltur need to adapt to aging staff and ever-tougher competition for employees, which can only be tackled through changing the corporate culture. Chapter three will illustrate the corporate culture starting with its defintion.

In addition, almost twice as many year-olds will live as children will be born German Federal Statistical Office, Business economics – Unternehmenskultr Management, Corporate Governance Corporate culture and cultural divers Especially for skilled employees and executives the competition is becoming more and more important and tougher.


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Companies must adapt to these new conditions and present themselves as an attractive employer. Currently Germany has about 82 million inhabitants.

The low birth rate also reduces the number of potential mothers. Afterwards different parts of corporate culture will be examined and described such as how a company can create a workspace and work atmosphere that will attract employees. Society is becoming more skep tical about traditional values and norms of industrialized nations such as performance, economic growth and unternehmenskulturr advances Rosenstiel,p.

At the same time products are becoming more interchangeable and people with special abilities and creative ideas are becoming an increasingly important sucess factor Trost,p.

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Adapting means changing and as the culture of an organization is the fundamental base it has to change, too. Evaluation der Methoden zur Kulturtransformation. In the last 20 years, the number of births has decreased almost steadily.

bachelor thesis unternehmenskultur

The training takes several years Schneider,p. The current situation on the labour market and the resulting corporate culture Hausarbeit, 15 Seiten, Note: Nicki MarquardtTammy Schmack. The transformation of the population can no longer be stopped by demographic me- ans. Grundlagen und Relevanz der Unternehmenskultur im Rahmen der Organisationsentwicklung: This includes flexible work time models, diversity management, culture of learning and team work.


The results of that comparison show that all three intervention types are useful to change organizational culture but for different cultural aspects and in different stages of the change process.

bachelor thesis unternehmenskultur

Meanwhile one works to live. Scientists found out that organizational culture has a significant impact on the success of organizations. Conclusion Bibliography Illustration directory Illustration 1: A specialist is of great importance to a company and can only be replaced with great effort.

Current situation on unternehmensskultur labour market 2. Finally Process Consultation can support the implementation of the new culture in specific departments.

All these factors cause that companies are struggling to find employees and need to change their corportate culture. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. The economy is in transition.

The struggle for professionals starts with the gaining of employees and is progressing in employee retention measures. On the other hand, individuals no longer want to subordinate themselves and al- low themselves to be integrated into structures and regulations. In practice, unternehmenskulutr with many years of experience are also considered to being specialists. Because of the fast-moving environment of companies, firms have to build up capabilities to react quickly to those environmental changes and adapt.