His oral exams were tough, two hours face to face with only him, he would not only quiz for facts but ask you to explain a practical case where the things he had taught were applied. Yeah, right, good luck to that. April 3, at 9: To ensure lasting peace, the Government should have a proper and adequate process. This is my Captain Barbosa pirate contact.

Click here to sign up. In the process, the need often arises to obtain additional information and updates about candidates from additional experts, often foreign. A dissertation of how an agreement between the GRP and MILF must be done in order to have peace, developments and long lasting solutions to the terrorism in Mindanao. Because without the Jews the Russians and everybody else would look down on us. The history of the region is well known, things that happened before can happen again in somewhat different variations. It passed Executive scrutiny. Control the money, the borders, the arms.

A news report about a filed petition before the Supreme Court led by Leyte Rep. Not everyone understands the situation. April 2, at 5: Executive Authority Bangsamoro Parliament Section 4. Freedom of religion in one… and death for apostasy in the other. There is a big question now, on why the Aquino government maintained Malaysia as a “third party” in the ongoing process of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Any other solution invites chaos and discord.


bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

March 31, at 6: April 3, at 7: Personally, I find looking into the future great fun. De Guzman, Sara Soliven. No direct right of the Armed Forces to intervene or monitor matters. Resolution through Inclusive Governance.

On the Bangsamoro Basic Law

This law needs to be prepared properly before implementing it. There is therefore no mechanism to enforce the rules of the Philippine republic if the Bangsamoro Government decides to violate them.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

Those who do not want to live there anymore can leave. Muli naming ipinahahayag ang moral naming pagsang-ayon sa napagkasunduan nang Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro, Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, at ang Enhanced BBL na ito. I know the feeling from your old man, PiE.

How can peace be assured if the government is only consulting to one side.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

This law can suffice the exact need of the country. Nagpalamang tayo sa BBL pero hindi pa pirmado, kaya tignan sana ng mabuti ng mga may tungkulin para hindi tayo dehado diyan. Other people are just that — other people with interests of their own, so find common ground.

The best snake oil around. The government must first talk and negotiate to all parties. By Nur Asmaa Zulkifli.

March 29, at 7: Symbolic aspects Flag, anthem, emblem, titular head, calling themselves Bangsamoro people No mention of the Republic of the Philippines or Filipino citizenship This is something people may see differently so I left it outside….


Only the laa of the creation and the maintenance of the region would have to be addressed.

(DOC) Bangsamoro Basic Law Position Paper | Kisha Beringuela –

Take Sharia, for example. Filipinos seem to find their fun in the emotions of being angry ex post facto. Bangsamoto who have proven that they are good workers may be flown in for jobs like rollouts or local support.

That is how we see things in figuring out the problems of the Muslims in the South. March 29, at 6: The purpose of this draft is to establish the new Bangsamoro political entity and provide for its basic structure of government, thesiw recognition of the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people Article I, Section 3. Political people basically think in distortions and lies, so the bit about coveting a Nobel peace prize is sheer statemeny.

A critical analysis of the campaigns, legalities and processes of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. He is as old to you as you are to Karl.