I remember Don Anderson with great affection — a lovely man. I remember one friend coming off and breaking his arm. Like him, I also missed out on the skiing and foreign culture trips. He was indeed another of our great schoolmasters. My team mates were Rogers, Dilly Bedson and Hearne to mention just four.

Everyone leaps up in shock, water jars shattering bosh- boshh! Of course, this was a major event for us boys to see the adults squabbling. He told me that several staff had been called up, along with the school gardener. He kindled my interest in English literature and in the English language, particularly its more archaic forms. He ruled the laboratory areas with extreme authority by voice alone and very military bearing. Just before he was about to join Marshall, and we were designing the house team around him, anticipating retribution for generations of slaughter by the other larger day houses, he left to try out for Glasgow Rangers. After this incident I began to respect authority and several decades later, became deputy chairman of the Brighton and Hove magistrates.

Made a name as a bit of a musician. At some point we must have done some economic history with him — agrarian revolution stuff. I was stopped in Brighton by an even older boy when last they were trotted out.

You must be available for 1 to 1 appointments, given appropriate notice, with members of staff throughout the college day.

This will be refunded to you when you return any loaned items in good condition at the end of your course, provided you have not incurred any other costs such as assessment fees. That two fourth formers would show such interest in his beloved profession made him positively beam with pride, and he glady gave us one.

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So far I have only found one ex pupil from my year. Charlie Wilmott was the original hippie and Bob Goody was the funny man of the year — doing quite well as a thespian ….


He was a super athlete and good bloke. Pupils were nominated and elected to the proprietary school by shareholders, to be transferred later to the higher school on approval. I do hope this could be helpful to you Peter and good luck in your search!!

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We want the college to be a safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff and visitors. Apart from the glider — which always seemed too heavily-built to glide anywhere — another health and safety nightmare was the zip wire at the far end of the field. Food and drink A wide variety of quality food and drink is available from the Copper Building, and Canteen.

His son, Dennis Palmer, did play for the Old Grams. He was my form master in 6th Arts.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket

If anyone has any others I would be very happy to hear them. My husband and I took them to dinner at our club. Like him, I also missed out on the skiing and foreign culture trips. There were some very enterprising characters in this bunch. I still remember my first sail with him when he took 4 of us naval cadets out on Piddinghoe lake. The fast track method of the Grammar School system, buasvic, on flimsy evidence, virtually condemned a large percentage of the children homewprk a second class education with little hope of a university place, was of second order to the issue for them of finding the cost of the uniform.

Ian Homewor, looked after us with his wife known as Ma Mac a delightfully posh woman and their attractive daughter who Marshall House boys secretly?


bhasvic summer homework

And you lit them very well, Bob. Welcome to your student dashboard For your convenience please bookmark this page. Saturday morning came, and after filling two old wine bottles for a brief victory toast, we drank it like lemonade while heading down to the beach; which is where the potency hit home.

First Aid — There are green and white First Aid posters in every room. A couple of memories that I have, not mentioned by others, are: Please note that the locker remains the property of the college and we reserve the right to open it without your permission if we feel there is a just reason for doing so.

Our Lead Counsellor has over 25 years of experience and is supported by 5 other counsellors, with the aim of supporting as many students as possible. Futures Framework Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks. Logon here The VLE contains material uploaded by teachers in your subjects including homework assignments and has important information, notices and updates on the front page. Subject Review 2 March: Everyone leaps up in shock, water jars shattering bosh- boshh!

Having arrived at the Grammar School from a very small church school, I felt completely lost for the first two years.

bhasvic summer homework

Another fine teacher and role model for those in the profession today. Whatever it is that is worrying you, no matter how small you think it may seem, if you want to talk to someone please get in touch.