At first in the current sem, I had technical communication as one of the subject. Thanks to google for providing such a platform, and giving free hosting: Python pickling helped me rule out the problem. So, that file size reduced to less than Kib. Hi , I have my viva in the first week of April, appreciate if you mail me the details about the process of viva and what type of questions asked to you?

E days, then you can get good job with brilliant pay. Dont interrupt the terminal in between. Thanks to google for providing such a platform, and giving free hosting: What is your viva date? After the 1st Sem results were out, I had almost 2 months off. I could do it within a month after learning python and GAE.

This is how JJ looks on my comp.

bits pilani ms dissertation

You can download them. So, we need to download the patch and patch it with the old source code. Take eissertation of all corner cases.

Hoping to fare well in the exams. Posted by Avinash Jayaram on Mar 4th, at 3: It was swapped with data structures and algorithms.

Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani | stylesen

Ubuntu supposed to be my option here. So, there will be no separate bitz for us to take up the remaining subjects. Data structures and algorithms was back in my subjects list.


bits pilani ms dissertation

Posted by Chandu at 9: It was a fantastic journey of these 6 months. We just need to take care of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal strikes, after each move. Luckily I got a very cool professor who has good knowledge and expert in operating systems.

Nearly 30 to 40 people had come for that session. I need some more info from you. I have obtained the results of 3 subjects. So, to do that try the following Go to Run in Start Menu. If your intent is value add post distance MS, then you might consider not doing distance MS You have to switch to previous paragraph for details.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Finally, the results have come. I have attached those files.

Interia – Polska i Ĺ›wiat: informacje, sport, gwiazdy.

I had called up BITS to clarify the same. Today, I’m giving A happy farewell to II. Posted by stylesen on Oct 22nd, at 8: What is your viva date? As of now this work is maintained as a separate branch gpg-agent-password-store in apache subversion project repository. I took 20 mins to locate the room: In the earlier blog about the 3rd semester, I had mentioned about waiting for the grade of one more subject.


Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

There has been a very big hype already about eon, that it might compete and even beat Alto cc. Though I am blogging a bit late about it, better late than never. And, whenever we need, it can be loaded back to the file. Few months back I was worried about my pilain sem results. Monday, May 14, Largest rectangle area in the dissettation Histogram.

In dataWarehouse I have scored 73 onembedded System design, 57 on and 75 on in technical Communication.

I will be missing my friends and I am carrying back ample amount of memories to cherish them in the coming days. A copy of my dissertation report and my final viva voce presentation is available as attachements to this post report and presentation were created using Latex and Latex-beamer respectively, email me for the sources.