A write up describing the relevance and importance of the proposed research and what the proposer expects to achieve at the end of the 5 years period. The fellowship amount offered will be Rs. Exceptionally brilliant candidates with excellent track record in advanced technologies of relevance to DAE and having a Ph. The names of scientists selected for this scheme shall normally be announced in April and October every year; however, announcements in special cases will also be made, subject to review as described above. Progress reports will be reviewed after two-and-a-half years, so that the decision to extend the tenure can be taken in time. The investigators are required to present their progress of work to the Advisory committee members and experts in the field.

This whole process may take up to months, depending upon the arrival of referee reports and the budget requested. It is also recommended to read the FAQ document. The Advisory Committee monitors the projects through six monthly reports from the investigators. In the scheme provision for funding exists to facilitate work at centres other than the parent organization within the country. Name of scheme s.

The Form 2E may be downloaded from the http: The Chair professor is also eligible for PF and other retirement benefits.

brns research proposal

Highly qualified young scientists are provided with the necessary grants for research in setting up their first laboratories. Potential awardees would be requested to present their proposed work in person to the Committee before the final selection is made.

For New Projects

While the projects are normally sanctioned for a period of three years, the counting of years is done in terms of financial year starting from 1st April to 31st March of the next calendar year. The research proposals are referred to the concerned Advisory Committee.


Associates are provided Hostel accommodation, medical and leave benefits during the Associateship. Please also read these additional information for PI’s. A monthly stipend of Rs. The funds will be provided to the Awardee through the sponsoring institution.

It is mandatory for the PI to attend the review meetings. Requests for extension of the project beyond the normal 3-year period are subject to approval by the Board and depend on the redearch merit of the case. Infrastructure facilities like building, air conditioner, furniture, fixtures etc.

Exceptionally brilliant candidates with excellent track record in advanced technologies of relevance to DAE and having a Ph.

For any additional information, kindly contact the NFP. In the scheme provision for funding exists to facilitate work at centres other than the parent organization within the country. In addition Staff salaries are also provided. PCnot satisfying age criteria of the Principal Investigator PIcertificate from the institution etc.

Included in this would be the cost of other communication facilities limited to Rs. The Senior Scientist will be required to submit a consolidated technical report for the entire duration of the award at the end of the tenure. The grant given to proposaal Principal Investigators include expenditure towards buying of equipment, consumables, staff salaries, technical assistance, contingencies, travel, computation charges, and overheads.

brns research proposal

Such provisions include financial support for collaborative research and travel, visiting fellowship, transit accommodation and other perks as appropriate, for the individual awardee for the period that he is away from his parent organization for pursuing research under this scheme. The proposals received and admitted by the BRNS Secretariat after proper scrutiny is referred to the concerned advisory committee for evaluation and recommendations. Who can submit a proposal. The PI may also be asked to clarify questions raised by the referees regarding the project if any.


Details of the projects undertaken and amount of grant received for completed and ongoing research project.

For New Projects

Homi Bhabha Chair Professorship. The soft copy of the same proposal in the prescribed format in PDF file should also be sent by email to:. Proposal can be submitted any time during the year, there is no fixed format for the proposals, However, the applicant is expected to include the following: The Board and its advisory committees meet two to three times in a grns.

The progress of the projects is periodically reviewed less. Funds for the first year are released along with the propodal letter. The honorarium will be taxable at source.

brns research proposal

Assets created, if any, will be the property of the sponsoring institution, unless otherwise specifically decided by the DAE.

They are refereed by specialists in the field and based on their comments, the short listed applicants may be invited to a Technical Programme Discussion Meeting TPDM for an oral presentation before a panel comprising the members of the Advisory Committee and the experts. All applications should be in the prescribed format in Form 2E for seeking partial financial assistance and Form 2D for seeking full financial assistance from BRNS.