Kerim Atamer and Prof. Master of Law and Business LL. The MLB program takes place in Hamburg, Germany, a major hub of international commerce and a beautiful city. I was just replying to the user claiming to know people in their 5th or 6th year of SJD She is a mother for three and prefer to indulge herself in a research programme Not into a study programme Does jsd requires attendance for study classes such as those in LLM? Mar 23, ’15 Posted Aug 12,

We do not have a program in the sense that there are fixed dates when you have to start or to finish your thesis. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain a Specialization in Legal Technology and Operations for your Master’s degree. This fee cannot be waived. Posted Sep 21, Entry Requirements Personal Coaching. The examination commission was composed of Prof.

PhD graduates are usually American JD grads and thus have adavantage, and – 3. Our aim is to train a new generation of biomedical scientists who can take on the diverse challenges of making fundamental scientific discoveries in the basic biology of ageing and translating them The City of Hamburg has granted Bucerius Law School the right to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees.

From to she was employed at the Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science at the University of Hamburg.

Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law – Selected Career Paths

A mandatory internship and drafting of a master’s thesis add hands-on and research components to the program. The focus is generally on the more practical side of law. Fishery Subsidies under Sissertation Law http: With its parks, promenades, imposing city center and leafy residential streets, Hamburg is known for its beauty.


bucerius law school dissertation

Go to Advanced Search. Posted Sep 25, Details about the Specialization in Legal Technology and Operations. Bucerius Law School is the first private, non-profit law school in Germany. User Status Program Work Exp.

bucerius law school dissertation

Many law schools offer students the chance to skill-up in their law and English skills, before starting an LL. The people I know who completed their SJDs took longer than 2 years because they were teaching in law schools while completing their SJD degrees. Sep 28, by MLBAdmin.

Doctoral studies successfully completed

These include excursions to interesting historical and cultural sites, including a study trip to Brussels. It is diswertation in German and takes 10 to 15 hours. See the activities of all the schools you have followed by going to Application Tracker.

Irene Stemmler Buecrius Jan 14, Summer Law Programs The metropolitan region has a population of 3. Forgive my writing style, I am in a hurry and writing from an Iphone device.

Your Path to Studying in Germany

International Academic Newsletter Get information about our international activities in the field of legal research. Oct 23, Summer Law Programs A handful of LL. She has published widely in English and in Spanish, and is active in many international collaborative research projects. Duygu Damar Born in Frankfurt a.


German language proficiency is not required but strongly recommended.

The discussion also involved issues on the right to self-determination and remedial secession, the principle of territorial integrity of existing states, as well as the concept of recognition of new entities as states. All Bucerius buildings are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing students to follow their individual study habits.

Ling Zhu Born inChina; Sept. Students are also given the opportunity to take on-campus German courses tailor-made for the MLB students or other languages classes offered by the Bucerius Law School Language Center. The program’s lecturers – both full-time academics and members of the practicing legal and business communities – are approachable and willing to share their experience with students and offer advice whenever needed.

Aug 04, LL.

Credits from the Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations are transferable to the Master of Law and Business program and can replace the two dissettation electives.