Toril Moi i samtale med Tore Rem. The book is considered to be “sharply critical” of the concepts of forced marriage and marriage that takes place for the sake of social conventions and popularity. She produced no more fiction, but wrote essays and engaged in newspaper discussions until the year she died. At the time Collett wrote her novel, the country had scarcely 1. Camilla Collett is famous for writing one novel, but her authorship consists of a large body of essays. Collett’s horror at her sister’s fate is delineated in the character of Louise in The District Governor’s Daughters, and it put her on notice regarding the rigid code by which she and the other women in her circle were expected to live, and which her own mother passively supported. Collett, Camilla — Pioneering Norwegian feminist and Norway’s first feminist-realist novelist.

Den unge Camilla Collett. Camilla’s father, the cleric Nicolai Wergeland, was one of the signatories to that Constitution at Eidsvoll on May 17, , a day the Norwegians still celebrate as the beginning of their modern nationhood. Vekselvirkningen understreker sannheten i hennes sak: When she appears she is stripped of all her embellishment. But Camilla Collett Photo:

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Most literature lovers read English or French novels in translation, with the works of Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo among the collet sellers. This made him a public figure; so it created quite a stir when, two years later, he published a treatise in which he joined those who were outraged by the Treaty of Kiel’s provision that Norway should co,lett pay the war debt of Denmark-Norway, and in which he showed his staunch belief in Norwegian national uniqueness, thought to manifest itself especially in the peasant culture.

Camilla Collett og hennes senere forfatterskap, J.

camilla collett essay

After that, she left Norway and settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, and produced her most famous literary accomplishment, The District Governor’s Daughters. Her anger and frustration never cooled, however, and she once declared that had it not been for the great turmoil she had been forced to endure in consequence of her relationship with Welhaven, she would never have esay a word. Forskerne er uenige om hvorvidt disse fiktive brevene skal tolkes som en dikterisk fremstilling av forholdet mellom Camilla og Jonas Collett.


The other man’s voice, resonant and with a Bergen accent, was that camiola a stranger. She produced no more fiction, but wrote essays and engaged in newspaper discussions until the year she died.

Collett, Camilla (1813–1895)

It was the end of January and in Christiania as the Norwegian capital of Oslo was then called the streets were cold and dreary. The EU raises the standard of Norwegian gender equality policies. Love’s Comedydating fromis Ibsen’s critical look at bourgeois marriages, and its characters mention what they view as an absence of love in arranged matches.

But that was just a beginning. Like cmailla father, Henrik had also studied for the ministry, but by the late s had become the leader of a new romantic nationalist movement in Norway. Some clllett missed the point of the book entirely, while others found it coolett accurate for comfort.

Kommentaren din publiseres her. And she claimed her place in the public sphere, she was not invited in. From the Camp of the Mute explores the depiction of women in literature.

She revisited her journal over the years, and the attention she gave to it seems to suggest that the romance was a pivotal event in her life, though she later wondered if she was merely a pawn in the literary feud.

But although the incident impressed itself on her mind, she had no way of guessing that he would be the catalyst for her long battle for open, honest relations between men and women, and for women’s rights in society. One voice belonged to the son of the house, a devoted friend of hers.


camilla collett essay

Being a revolutionary is unladylike per se. She was fortunate in having a mate who not only assumed some of those daily responsibilities, but who understood that the root of her frustration was her increasing need to develop artistically and intellectually.

At the time of her birth, the Norwegian economy was largely pre-industrial, “unless one counts the large number of small distilleries,” as the historian R. Welhaven was also the son of a pastor, but unlike Collett’s brother, he was of a more conservative mind.

The District Governor’s Daughters was also the first piece of Norwegian fiction to examine the lives of women.

Jacobine Camilla Collett (born Wergeland)

Older, brighter and funnier Camilla Collett: Den essayistiske perioden av hennes forfatterskap ble innledet med utgivelsen av Sidste Blade.

Here, she began a lifelong journey of self-discovery. Modern Language Association http: She supported social and political change to further women’s roles in society, esssay the articles that she published were published anonymously, but eventually published in a book of collected works.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Little Camilla witnessed an even greater change in her mother Alette Wergelandnow responsible for a big rural household and deprived of almost all human contact outside her family.

Xylography after a photograph taken by her son, Robert Collett, in Early in the spring ofher father took her to Paris to cheer her up and obtain medical help. Political privileges would then follow of their own accord.