Research, Writing, and Critical Thinking. The core elements of critical thinking at the doctoral level involve the interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, and explanation of information. In April , she completed a PhD with Capella. Strengthening such skills can help boost your research, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking abilities. Capella offers many resources to help you get started on your doctoral path, from understanding your degree options to selecting your program, and enrolling in your classes. Most professional doctorates culminate in a project like a doctoral capstone.

Your Research Plan forms the foundation of your study. I really liked my experience with Capella. The number of weeks for each Milestone is estimated. They can also help you with the admissions process and financing. They attend Capella residencies and are accessible via email and phone to assist doctoral students. How do you even begin working on something as long as a page dissertation?

And apparently this is common because, as I stated in the beginning I should have listened, what happened to me is exactly what happened to that person.

Earning an MBA helped her build her business, but the more she worked with clients the more she wanted to know about milestonea theories of marketing.

Doctoral Support – Capella FAQs

The new mentor thought that my second topic was way milesyones broad and needed further honing. Research and scholarship Writing and communication Critical thinking Information literacy Ethics For PhD candidates, the final project is a dissertation.

Scientific merit review approval Estimated Time to Complete: First Drafts and More Most final projects for doctoral programs result in a publishable paper.


If you’re struggling with a particular section, explore support resources: He also read the entire dissertation manual published by Capella. Letitia Williams – September 19, What research methodologies are usually used? Checking Citations As uiversity independent scholar, you will want to establish the academic integrity of your work.

capella university dissertation milestones

You review your professors every term. So as far as Capella admin is concerned they might have capella me a quarter worth of time. My experience with Capella was great which allowed me to advance my skills and knowledge as well as return to complete my PhD with them. Good luck on your journey.

But every year many people investigate and answer the questions that come with funding higher education.

capella university dissertation milestones

Research begins anew to answer those questions, and critical thinking and writing follow. My journey began attending another online University that had no respect for me as an individual after suffering a severe shoulder injury. Once your Research Plan is approved by your mentor, Unifersity 3 is marked complete.

PhD Dissertation Milestones

The kind of research that most interests you should also play a part in your decision. In this milestone, your mentor will submit your research plan to an SMR expert for review and approval. There are also educational benefits that come from brainstorming in groups and chatting face-to-face with professors and peers.

His final project examined the protocols for issuing medications to inmates in correctional facilities.

Why am I upset because, they have put a stain on my outstanding credit history. Librarians Few resources are as helpful to doctoral candidates as the Capella librarians, who know how to access countless articles, books, databases, and more. They attend Capella residencies and are accessible via email and phone to assist doctoral students. Find help in expanding your sources: I never had any family or academic support which, lead me to Capella University.


This phone meeting is the forum for you to share the completed dissertation with the academic community. Now, that I only have a one quarter left I am encourage to pursue my PhD in clinical counseling with Capella University with a goal to develop an Ambassador program that represents Capella Dissertqtion.

Explore alternative topic ideas in case you don’t obtain initial topic approval. Russell retired from the State Department of Corrections to take a teaching job in academia, but many of his recommendations were eventually adopted by the facility where he conducted his research.

Can you make the time commitment? And do you have the stamina to make it through? Continue developing your list of resources and begin work on the first two sections of your research plan.

If you dissertatuon feedback during milestone 13, incorporate any capela into the final manuscript.