This is also a good time to explore ways to improve your academic writing and brush up on your knowledge of research methodology. Enrollment Counselor Our enrollment counselors are experienced consultants who take the time to understand your interests and ambitions. Graduation and Commencement Milestone Was this page helpful? I really liked my experience with Capella.

And the structure of residencies varies from school to school. Success depends, in part, on your ability to stay motivated, manage anxiety and stress, and manage your time. The number of weeks for each Milestone is estimated. It will show you what to expect at every stage of the doctoral experience, from choosing a program and taking courses online, to researching, writing, taking exams, and completing your final project. The moment you arrive at Capella, you focus on your dissertation. Each component depends upon and informs the others. When performing all of the research needed for the dissertation the mentor provides limited “guidance” and not “direction”, which is something you need to do because the whole point of the dissertation is for you to learn how to be an independent researcher.

They help students choose their topics and direct their research. After three years, I had very few negative interactions.

Doctoral Support – Capella FAQs

The number of weeks for each Milestone is estimated. Resumes and Other Documents. Explore options for publishing or conference presentations. To that end, comprehensive exam questions are usually focused on a set of fundamental questions.


He took five years to complete his Capekla, welcoming three kids and moving several times during the process. Some people believe that a PhD prepares you to teach, while a disseetation doctorate is geared toward a professional career. I was impressed with Capella primary because the the Capstone project. The milestonds is ultimately published and shared with other scholars in the field and the general public. It is a challenging curriculum that has prepared me well for the real world of counseling.

Because scholarly research often involves human subjects, it’s essential to understand how to conduct ethical research.

The Doctoral Journey – Capella University

Only schools with at least 5 reviews will receive this designation. Bria Bjornn – July 24, Keep in mind that revision is much more than proofreading.

First and foremost I should have listened to an associate of a previous student. Whether a dissertation or a doctoral capstone, your final project will be your most significant accomplishment.

Tara D – November 29, During your residencies, you meet one-on-one with faculty. The in-person interactions deepen the connections between students and jilestones.

capella university dissertation milestones

This is also a good time to explore ways to improve your academic writing. Your Research Plan forms the foundation of your study. A univegsity format is a written test, like the three-question examination that Capella uses.

In addition, I love technology. Submit manuscript for publication Estimated Time to Complete: Capella offers plenty of resources for students as they complete their final projects.


For PhD candidates, the final project is a dissertation. Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other. Get started on the PowerPoint presentation you will make during your final conference call in the next milestone. Be dissertaation to revise your research plan in response to your mentor’s feedback. The core elements of critical thinking at the doctoral level involve the interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, and explanation of information.

Many students who have taken on this challenge have wrestled with the same questions. Knowing the road ahead can give you confidence and fuel your success.

Friday of Week 7 – Deadline to submit for School Review (PhD – Milestone 11) (EdD – Milestone 5)

Now for the other problems which is not Capella’s fault in my book, is that my original mentor would not allow me to do my research in qualitative and wanted me to switch the methodology to quantitative, which wound up veering way dsisertation my second topic. Academic coaches provide personalized guidance, motivation, and strategies for navigating problems.

capella university dissertation milestones

Academic advisors Your advising support team plays a key role in your success at Capella.