Computers in Human Behavior, 24 5 , — Kat spent the entire summer working as our plant manager intern. You will be able to identify Scientific Inquiry differences in how the popular press and research These will be assessed using the application and Critical literatures portray the project, the reflective journal, and the midterm Thinking impacts of technology. This is an open-ended, personalized set of written entries that you submit about once per week. Unscheduled cancellations and closures. Class is a great time to talk about projects and ask questions — but for grade discussions please come to my office or call me on the phone. In-class questions on the readings 26 5 points each 2.

Please be assertive about getting your needs met in this course. And so, the course learning outcomes emphasize the skills expected of you in professional and graduate settings. He plans to take knowledge gained at the EcoRanch and implement it into his personal and professional life. I am very excited to be working with the Flagstaff EcoRanch this summer to gain more knowledge on what running a non-profit looks like and I am looking forward to cultivating local farming culture into my own life. Unscheduled cancellations and closures.

capstone project nau

Revised literature review at least 5 pages in length b. Second, capshone will put together and present a poster at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. While here she made sure our plants stayed healthy and strong, looked up numerous earth friendly pest repellents, planted a strawberry bed, and designed a pocket plant guide that our volunteers and projedt use when working in the production area.


Assessments and Learning Activities. I began this project in a class called Implementing Sustainability. The results include a research scan of institutional green cleaning use and importance, informational fliers regarding green chemicals and an authored business plan. See the Design4Practice website for present and past projects.

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If a community can grow its own food that means that community has more freedom to determine their lives. Projects are initiated in August and concluded in early May. An approximately word description of one or more ideas you have for your application. The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Use of multiple social media platforms and symptoms of depression and anxiety: My objective for this project was to develop, author and implement a business plan that promotes the use of green cleaning products, especially with students.

Symposium Finish your detailed idea. Jacqueline will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer.

Senior Seminar and Capstone Project

Please use the Journal projct within Bb Learn to turn in your entries paste text directly in if possible rather than submitting attachments. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Rehearse the oral preparing for the presentation of the poster.

capstone project nau

I can provide an institutional excuse if you have other classes or school activities this day. Anything else you think will help explain your idea and show why it will be successful. What are the impacts of these technologies on human psychology, including interpersonal relationships, mental processes, even the brain itself?


capstone project nau

Fostering a culture of sustainability is an overlying principle to this project. Savannah will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer. Cedar researched and installed a grey water system from our washing machine which irrigates flowers, shrubs, and trees and reuses approximately gallons of water per month.

This site uses cookies. A group of us researched the prevalence, use, and policies of green cleaning chemicals on our campus. Merintha collaborated with Kara Holzmiller to develop our 5 year permaculture site plan.

Psychological Science, 20 3 Alicia and Sam collaborated on a four foot by four foot root cellar. Gackenbach Edpp She is currently traveling the world and enjoying life.

However, you can earn up to 5 extra credit points for a dynamic mockup where you can actually push buttons, use menus etc. I studied this as capstnoe of my Ph.

David will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer. Child Development, 00 01—