Hackers deploy platform strategy. It closes on the 5th August – so hurry! The actual product is a VoIP softswitch, available either as a standalone installation or a hosted service, which offers an unprecedentedly extensive collection of API s for developers to work into their sizzling lashups. NB For further Telco 2. The particular example we will discuss is Paris Metro Pricing. Therefore, decentralized server is not suitable. Striking a balance between the costs for Web content providers and the quality of service for Web customers.

So we were very interested by a recent NANOG thread regarding improvements in how the Internet deals with major congestion on backbone links. Ever wanted to physically wave a game controller round your head? For all the above examples, their businesses are all centred on very large IT platforms and their economic models often involve selling at very low prices, or even giving services away, in order to pull in more volume. As described in an article in November the work of the TM Forum is becoming more and more important to the development of new telecoms business models. At the height of internet bubble, there were more than 50 companies providing CDN services. The document also outlines a very much evolutionary approach: More uncertainty how demand and technologies would evolve.

One of the important insights to come from the Telco 2. Continue reading “Making Structural Separation Work: Your input is important.

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The article argued that while Akajai 1 and 2 platforms are feasible and will evolve, Level 3 platforms have no future. Meanwhile, Internet absolutists reject any possibility that anything other that best-effort non-discriminatory packet delivery is needed. Or something used when drilling for oil? Who would think a few years ago that the telco industry would ever reach a pace of innovation comparable to the web world?


A new computing environment emerged. This approach helps to mitigate risk across the BT Group and, theoretically at least, liberates the individual units Retail, Wholesale, Access to be more innovative and responsive to customer needs levelling the playing field a little with internet players like Google.

We believe that broadband aakmai providers can keep their customers brand-loyal by packaging third party services in a way juekbox addresses end user demands for convenience and simplicity.

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Requires more dynamic site and application acceleration. Our in-going point of view is described in our submission to Ofcom here.

case study akamai technologies web jukebox

techhnologies They are grouped under the categories used in the rest of Telco 2. And rather than trying to squeeze an extra millicent of termination fees from the regulator, why not solve some problem in the world of energy instead? For all the above examples, their businesses are all centred on very large IT platforms and their economic models often involve selling at very low prices, or even giving services away, in order to pull in more volume. Well, everyone speculated, so why not us too?

As additional context please see below a detailed write up of the recent Net Neutrality conference in London organised by the Broadband Stakeholder Group detailing the experiences of the BBC, 3UK, Ericsson, Cisco, and including valuable data on network costs. Paranoia in the palm of your hand: Dynamic webpagesreal time.

They took over the web developers community by storm and changed the way applications are written and deployed. Many of these companies have platform business models.


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Steve Zimba Microsoft is a particularly interesting company to us technoolgies they are in a unique position. Major competitor, Limelight focus on content delivery mainly for media and entertainment segment. More seriously, as John Waclawsky said, monitoring is the first step to control. Nokia GPS -tags photos.

case study akamai technologies web jukebox

We broke them down by themes… Trchnologies reading “Telco 2. It provides a technical requirements framework to vendors for the next iteration of mobile networks. As a preview to the Telco 2. The premise we explored was this: In fact, when Ivelin demonstrated it, it turned out it was running on his laptop.

For operators to add value to yechnologies traffic going over their networks, this capability is a prerequisite for third-party subsidization of access and usage for end-users. Continue reading “The Telecoms Transaction Platform: Ross, by the way, will be going into more detail about this at the Telco 2.

Quantify the effect of the network design.

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Below is an update on the Technology Insiders track at the up coming Telco 2. We reckon that addressing entirely different markets and needs — in particular the two-sided business model — is the answer. These weekly news roundups are a new Telco 2.