Many mathematical subjects, like calculus, involve both areas of study. The courses that have been approved are listed in alphabetical order by course designation under each GE area heading. History 3 The study of history is not only relevant but also pertinent to our understanding of who we are, where our ideas and institutions come from, and where our culture might be headed. Ability to engage in critical thinking and exercise independent judgment. Contemporary Literature 3 This course offers an opportunity to become careful and critical readers of literature while learning to identify the patterns and forms writers use to construct meaning.

Transfer Questions I want to take a GE course near my home over the summer. Principles of Mathematics OR: Ability to engage in critical thinking and exercise independent judgment. In addition, you are free to study other languages such as Arabic, Japanese, or Latin at another institution during the summer. In these two-hour online sessions, which are scheduled once during the first, third, fifth, and seventh week of each course, you and your classmates will participate in live lectures and discussions. Our online general education program meets you where you are.

You may transfer at most 64 units from Junior Colleges. History and Literature of the Old Testament 3 This historical and literary survey course of the Old Testament will emphasize theological themes and their relevance for Christian life and faith.

What cannot be double counted? Reading and Thinking Critically in the Age of Disputation reminded of the importance of assessing the relevancy of issues pertaining to our subject.

Critical thinking and problem solving ls. Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning involves the analysis of data or the application of mathematical generally algebraic models. Quality in the core. Otherwise, you may place yourself in a very awkward position as graduation nears.


Research supervision

There are various types of off-campus programs. This is an introductory course designed to build basic language skills. You need ccuc arrange for an advisor in the Education department and, before you enroll in any courses, you should discuss your plans with your advisor.

Closing your pay gap. Principles of Scientific Thought 4 This course will introduce students to the scientific truths of the biological sciences discovered through the hypothetical deductive approach and their applications to life and limitations for society. The course must be approved for credit at Westmont. Fill out the form below, and one of our admissions counselors will get in touch with you. I am asked regularly by police officers what this term really means.

cccu ge critical thinking

You will ccccu to fulfill the Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning requirement in the context of your major or while fulfilling a Common Inquiries requirement. Elementary Spanish I 4 This is an introductory course designed to build basic language skills. Exploring the Life Sciences D. Criticak people have often gained this experience through working in any of a wide number of fields. Please consult individual university catalogs for other.

This course will prepare students to make appropriate decisions regarding financial planning in career choices, investment, savings, income taxes, credit cards, loans, car and home purchases, asset protection, health expenses, insurance, and real estate.

The following criticla must ceitical met to be considered eligible for admission to Concordia University’s general education: Semester, the ge curriculum advisory board. Due to the intense requirements of the Liberal Studies major, it is critical to coordinate your choice of general education courses with the courses that you take for the major.


This course will explore key questions, thinkers, concepts, and texts in philosophy and apply the riches of philosophical thought regarding goodness, truth, and beauty to contemporary economic concerns.

Alongside lectures and class discussions, the study of representative great works of Western and non-Western literature from the 17th century to the present will emphasize the literary, cultural, and religious significance of these texts.

In fact, the first 15 units of the general education are college success courses to make sure you have a positive and thjnking experience learning through Concordia. Statistics – This course introduces fundamental concepts and procedures related to quantitative analysis in social sciences and business.

cccu ge critical thinking

This course will build a foundation level of information literacy and critical thinking skills; effective learning and management skills; and an individualized success plan that will provide a clear pathway to completion of the degree. Online community of learners.

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Effective terms noted after some courses reflect a beginning term of GE credit. This course will examine the great ideas and pivotal events and, in viewing them as part of a larger historical narrative, understand how they made and continue to make the modern world.

cccu ge critical thinking

I want to take a GE course near my home over the summer. Not sure how to get started?