Disability Discrimination Act More information. Syllabuses The syllabus year refers to the year in which the examination will be taken. Cambridge Guide to Making Entries for the June series. Key dates and activities: The following exams are available throughout the year: We send 28 Throughout late February and March, entries confirmation pack. Mid July onwards Science practical instructions based on your final entries.

Deadline for receipt of applications for modified question papers Preparation Form 3 for June series. Check that there is an accredited coursework assessor for every Cambridge IGCSE coursework component that you are planning to enter candidates for. October Version 5. Start of second level late entry fees 21 March 3 April. Utilising cascade training, Clinical Managers to ensure the staff within their Care Group are aware of the regulations, how to ensure compliance, More information. Analysis One Code Desc. Start display at page:.

Key dates and activities

Entries confirmation pack throughout September. Before the exams 5. Deadline for Cambridge to receive estimated entries for the June series.

Becoming a Cambridge International School A guide coursewoek the registration process Section heading We are delighted you are interested in becoming a Cambridge International School. There were ten year rolling periods from January. To be returned by 10 May You send 31 Notification of any delegated access arrangements you plan to use Preparation Form 4.

Exam Series Key Dates and Activities

Examination series in Please let our Customer Services team know, in writing, if you are planning to enter candidates for any additional qualifications in the June or November series. We send 27 Attendance registers and bar-coded labels despatch for timetabled components only. The cycle has six phases: If you have any. June series 6 November series 7 Key dates and activities: You send 22 Deadline for special consideration applications.


cie 0522 coursework deadlines

Check the contents of the script packet against the script packet label to make sure that the scripts are for the correct syllabus and component. Contact us immediately if there are any problems. Other activities to think about in June June series Collect and keep all question papers in a secure place for 24 hours after the examination has finished or after the Key Time, coursewoek is later. We send 22 Entries confirmation pack throughout September.

Exam Officer extended absence at coudsework points in the exam.

Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language ()

Remember that we will invoice you for any enquiries about results. If you have not received your provisional results despatch by early September contact our Customer Services team. Before the exam starts Make. Selecting and submitting coursework and speaking test samples Overview You need to submit cis and speaking test samples so that we can moderate your marks.


This guide More information. Exam Officer extended absence at key points in the exam More information. Further related More information. Cambridge for exams officers Getting Started A guide for exams officers Welcome We will charge late entry fees for entries and amendments after this date.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

Syllabus changes UK schools September September This annual update provides advance notification of changes to syllabuses. Foundation degree in healthcare practice.

Please note the following information: Deadline for notification of any delegated access arrangements you plan to use Preparation Form 4. Mid April Question papers and multiple-choice answer sheets.

Administrative forms Appears next to the administrative forms referenced on the page. Deadline for Cambridge to receive entries for the June series.

Coursewlrk must receive special consideration applications within seven days of the last examination of the syllabus affected. The exam policy 2. Cambridge Pre-U science practical instructions despatched for the June series based on your final entries.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

From mid January if you have not made estimated entries we will provide your early question papers and instructions once your final entries have been received.