So the next stage was the group assessment and interview. This job requires you to be able to use the computerized reservation system. The phone interview was very easy. Having worked part time at a large hotel chain, I believe I have the experience to provide excellent customer service for your passengers. After they did another exercise where we had to choose only 10 people to save on a shipwreck and 3 people to lead to certain death based on what items they had.

How does your company compare? Interviews for Top Jobs at Jet2. Then the interviews took place. Would you like us to review something? Interview phone interview next face to face interview but most people recruited through group interview process via open days.

There was a large winter storm in the county that wgent impacted shipping times during this time period. This is an important job in the daily operations of most major airlines.

It’s simple to set up. With my proven commitment to ensuring first-rate passenger experiences, I am excited to offer my record of excellent service to your team at SkyView Airlines.

Airline Customer Service Agent Cover Letter

Interview First I applied online and they emailed me to arrange a phone interview at my convenience. They are also covsr for assisting passengers with special agennt or traveling with children. Interview Questions We go above and beyond for our customer, can you tell me what you did to do that for a customer. A hiring manager is trying to determine whether you would be a right fit for the organization. This job requires you to be able to use the computerized reservation system.


cover letter for jet2 passenger service agent

Also your understanding of the role. They then split us into two groups of 3, we had our group exercise first while the other had their 2 to 1 interviews. Listening to customer concerns and needs and offering timely and professional responses for maximum customer satisfaction.

cover letter for jet2 passenger service agent

Agetn, I let the customer know immediately that her order was going to be late. Issuing airline tickets and implementing all elements to meet annual sales targets.

I was asked also to fill in an assessment consisting of a few numerical tests and an English knowledge test. The telephone interview lasted about 10 minutes and during the call they explained the requirements of the position and then asked a few experience based questions E.

Passenger Service Agent Cover Letter Sample

Applied online after previously working here and never being late or doing anything bad I thought I had a good chance again as they’re desperate for staff. Follow Add an Interview. Why do you want to work for jet2? I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and my qualifications with you further. After your interview you will have the opportunity to ask any questions so please tey to think of something as they write down what you ask.

Enforcing safety and security measures and protecting sensitive zones. When have you gone above and beyond for a customer? See Our Latest Jobs.

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Are you sure you want to replace it? Within my own family and some volunteer opportunities, I jjet2 helped seniors get around in order to complete their daily tasks. One solution would be to go through the line, before passengers get up to the desk, to remind them of the weight limit and to invite them to weigh their bags ahead of time.


cover letter for jet2 passenger service agent

Practicing answering the top airport passenger service agent interview questions can get you on the right track. I was asked questions starting from what I know about Jet2 and why exactly I would like to work for this airline, what are the duties of this position, give an example of a problem at previous work and how I solved it.

Your Cover Letter, Made Easy. You are asked questions like, whats the best customer service you have ever given and when have you had to step in to help a colleague. I received an email a day later with an invitation for a telephone interview. I have traveled a lot by air so I am familiar with airline procedures such as checking in baggage, going through security and finding the right terminal that I believe will help me learn this position much faster.

After an online test for grammar and mathematics there was then a telephone interview at a pre-arranged time.

My experience includes six years of providing comprehensive passenger service as an Agent with Soaring Bird Airlines. The interview questions are very, very easy!