Writing and all things creative are my passion. You can download them whenever you like to speed things up at tax time. I am a genuine believer in the vital role that engagement with the arts plays in the development of our selves as individuals participating in a society. Under the guidance of a coach, teams of five to seven students learn creative thinking and problem solving skills while finding innovative solutions to a variety of technical and performance problems. Stay tuned for photos and more information coming up in late May. Thank you so much to our sponsors so far: I love reading, gardening, walking, spending time with my family and sharing food with friends.

I started The Exploratory to give my son and other kids a chance to do hands on, inquiry-based learning that uses both sides of the brain. We are gearing up for this year’s summer camps and are currently busy securing camp sites. I have been teaching at Dimensions since This category also includes collection boxes. He teaches approximately students weekly in schools around Cape Town and now recently, the world.

Liabilities not falling under one of the other categories. In her spare time she studies French and writing crestive children. They leave far richer than you can imagine. My areas of focus are empowering students to lead their learning, effectively integrating EdTech into the curriculum, and providing students opportunities to pursue their personal interests through Passion Time.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Charitable Organization Business Number: Come to our Krispy Kreme Donut Sale fundraisers! I live in Manchester with my husband, Chris, a photographer, writer and saxophonist and our four year old son, Gabriel, who informs me he is going to act, direct and build the set of the next trilogy of Star Wars films.


She is interested in the student-centered model of teaching art. Considering that our schools lack such programs, I am very grateful that I can be a mediator between Imagination Foundation and kids in our country. I am an elementary educator who loves to give students hands on experiences and develop real world skills. Liabilities, Year End: Please consider sponsoring these amazing kids – they’ll be the leaders of our community one day!

creative problem solving society (cpss)

Thor Favorite kind of music: Camp leader is a certified BC teacher supported by a student assistant. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

I have taught visual art and design for two years in various high schools in Philadelphia. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen baylora centergrove. My students and I have made stop-motion Lego films, painted Australian Dreamtime images, explored 3D printing, enacted mock trials, simulated archaeological digs, improvised comedy scenes, and laughed every day.

Though some of the teammates have changed, our daughter’s team has made it to World Finals twice before and this year makes it an academic hat trick!

Amounts invested in individuals and organizations. You donate to the CPSS with funds earmarked for our Hillcrest Middle School team, you get the tax receipt, we get the reimbursement to cover our team’s travel costs.


I am an elementary art educator living in Indianapolis.

creative problem solving society (cpss)

On my first sighting of snow I saw possibilities for snow cones. I am a year veteran of the technical staffing industry: Related pages Give to education and research charities Give to other community benefits charities Give to education support charities Give to youth organizations charities Give to summer camps charities. Learn about Imagination Chapters.

The two make their home in Billings with their month old son. Before becoming a teacher I was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department solbing before that I was a clothing designer.

Creative Problem Solving Society (Cpss)

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Support Our Team Now. I am an elementary school teacher striving to amplify the power of creativity and imagination in my students. I started The Exploratory to give my son and other kids a chance to do hands on, inquiry-based learning that uses both sides of the brain. Welcome to Odyssey of the Mind BC. I have also been a team manager and coordinator for Destination Imagination sinceguiding students in the creative problem solving process.