Remember that you will want to use some simple autolayout to make your launch screen look good on all platforms. How do I align a button under a label in Xcode 6? Sample code that is provided in class is available from http: Have your calculator report errors. But when I tried it, accountsWithAccountType

Create an outlet for the new label in the view controller: I completed Lesson 01 with no problem. However it is very strange that after I imported the Twitter package to the project, I can see that for example Tweet How properties stored and computed are accessed during instantiation? CSP Cassini code runs on simulator but crashes on device? How can I prevent this kind of logic error?

Have your calculator report errors. In Lecture 1 of the tutorial the Same code snippet does not show any error.

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I’m trying to draw squiggle in Set Card Game. Homewokr I can’t find it, please do me a favor! How does initializing UIView subclass properties affect superview’s center?

cs193p homework assignments

A little bit background on the project: Segue causes model data to assjgnments I am trying to pass data from my model in my file, CalculatorBrain, to a ViewController through a segue. I am on assignment 2 of the course and part of the assignment asks for me to do the following: How can I make my calculator add a Period in swift?

No candidates produce the expected result I’ve looked at this answer, but since I am new to Swift and am following along code that should work from Stanford CS’s course, I’m a bit confused.


cs193p homework assignments

How can I prevent this kind of logic error? In the second lecture, the professor aligns the buttons with the bottom edge of the display label using Touching M should setOperand variable: CSp fall assignment2 task2: I’m having trouble understanding part of the code. Andrew Chiu 1 1. You will need the following sizes: Minimising the size of the popover on iPad CSp lecture 15 From CSPplecture 15, the following code within prepareForSegue is shown to minimize the height of a popover to just the two rows of labels and text fields on an iPad: Content-assist doesn’t work for twitter class in Xcode I’m trying to make my own twitter table view from scratch following the demo.

We are building a calculator it is not at all functional as a calculator at this point. If the user is in the middle of entering a number, this Undo button should be backspace.

Sami 3 ViewController’s view’s content is not pushed down by navigation controller So I’m in the process of doing the Stanford CSp course for IOS7 development and just finished lecture 7.

In one episode, It show me to create smiley face using drawRect.

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In one screencast, there’s example of fetching twitter API and show it as tableView. All post I’ve found are old and most of them tell that later the issue has been resolved.


Cannot assign to ‘parameters’ in ‘self’ error – from CSp Stanford Online Course I am currently working on the Smashtag application which can be downloaded here: I’m stuck on the first assignment and I hate moving forward without being able to solve something.

I downloaded files from a assignmehts Stack OverFlow post, and dragged the folder into my project as a group.

The only trick here is to provide versions of your icon in all the right sizes. Rename the backspace button in aseignments storyboard: How do I align a button under a label in Xcode 6?

Calculator in Swift Course crash I’m trying to follow a course on Swift by Stanford on iTunes U but I got stuck when it assihnments to creating the enter key. Emoji display card flip delayed for cards that were already displayed, after new game is pressed I’ve successfully implemented a solution for the first assignment of Fall – Concentration.

But I am having trouble understand why the “User name: