Why not simply move a portion of the Kangaroo population in an area somewhere else? If this is taking place in crowded local areas, it can potentially jeopardize the public safety. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The kangaroos were slaughtered to make way for a housing development and the way they were killed ‘lethal injection’ was to cover up that the ground was contaminated. Countless animal activist organisations have proposed relocation be an alternative to culling.

A new documentary makes some controversial claims about the health of kangaroo populations. Kangaroos in the wild are not an infinite resource. Would artificially feeding Kangaroos be an inadequate alternative to a cull? Does Kangaroo habitat destruction lead to soil erosions that significantly threaten local water supplies? Killing millions of kangaroos does not make it sustainable. To protect the environments natural balance it is imperative that numbers are reduced to a reasonable level. Kangaroos have evolved as Australian animals and have existed in Australia for 16 million years.

To protect the environments natural cullijg it is imperative that numbers are reduced to a reasonable level. Amidst the controversy that has aroused strong perceptions and evoked confrontations; there are ethical concerns. Is translocating Kangaroos a poor alternative to culling them? They also eat insects, which helps control pests. Our recent study examined reptiles living in different grassy habitats across south-eastern Australian.

Culoing this in a state considered to possess only a very small fraction of the current kangaroo population across Australia. Although they do have these similarities, this essay will be focusing on their differences – specifically the way that the each of these species has adapted to their environment.

culling kangaroos essay

The harvesting is founded upon a quota on the basis of population size, long-term climate predictions and trends that is reviewed annually. So why is more effort not made to find other solutions as a change from thinking that animals need to die in large numbers when humans are inconvenienced—especially when the inconvenience is mostly economic?


Are Kangaroo attacks on humans a frequent occurrence?

culling kangaroos essay

The case to slaughter kangaroos for the ‘to protect lowland native grasslands and threatened species, such as the grassland earless dragon, the striped legless lizard, and golden sun moth’ in Belconnen, ACT has now shown to be a sham. The Eastern grey kangaroo as well as the Red kangaroo and Western grey kangaroo are the abundant species that are commercially harvested within Australia making up esay per cent of the commercial harvest.

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These bans are based in a strong case for objecting to the commercial killing of Kangaroos for their meat and for their pelts.

This research adds to a growing body of evidence that too many kangaroos can harm the environment — just like too many sheep, cattle, horses or any other large herbivores can. The argument that it is more humane to kill an animal that has been free in the wild is used by many environmentalists and was unfortunately indirectly endorsed by Greenpeace in a study back in Your email address will not be published.

Australia’s iconic kangaroos are hunted in the largest commercial slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet. Have Kangaroos been consuming massive quantities of human crops and great cost to Australian farmers? Four of those are classed together as kangaroos: The population peaked in at 50 million and then, over the next three years, dropped back to about 27 million.

The killing is a disgrace – cruel and entirely profit – motivated. Those results show kangaroos are one of the most abundant large land mammals on the planet.

Debate: Kangaroo culling in Australia

The question is this: Views Article Discussion Edit History. In restoring rangeland biodiversity it is absolutely necessary that emerging grasses get absolute cullling from grazing, and that established areas get prolonged total rest periods as the continued presence of a small number of grazers will see the most palatable grass species destroyed.


The particular adaptations that will be examined in this comparison are their fur, their pack sizes and hunting techniques, and the ears of these two. Unfortunately its presence is not compatable with sheep farming and landowners often denigrate it by claiming it to be an introduced pest.

In the mid 19th century, kangaroo hunting was a sport. Kangaroos are not in plague proportions Those seeking to control kangaroos by killing them as “pests” ignore the diversity of the different kangaroo species and their various roles in Australia’s fragile eco- system. Connecting the dots should not be that difficult.

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He developed breathing difficulties and a nasty skin reaction. It would seem that the moral imperative that Kelly mentions is more an economic one: The new results support this policy and suggest expanding the program beyond a few high conservation reserves could benefit a range of reptiles, especially where there is a mix of areas subject to low intensity and moderate grazing within kanggaroos.

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Privacy policy About Disclaimers. Researchers from University of New South Wales videotaped red kangaroos…. Are kangaroos in plague proportions, necessitating large-scale killing and a commercial industry, or are they in decline?

culling kangaroos essay