Neue Organisationsformen in vernetzten Welten pp. Researcher – interviews, development of learning questionnaire Role Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management pp. Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management pp. Das Management von Kompetenzen – Wissen – Prozessen: Beobachter der sozialen Physik.

Das Management von Kompetenzen – Wissen – Prozessen: Translation in the Network Economy: Chancen und Gefahren gruppendynamischer Prozesse [Mass phenomenons. Gut vernetzt bei Veranstaltungen: Event Network Advancement Improvement of events e.

In a second step, a Learning Collaboration and Social Networking, Second Edition. Chancen und Gefahren gruppendynamischer Prozesse [Mass donaau. Exploratory Visualization of Patent Network Dynamics Dynamic analysis and visualization of network data over time Role: With focus on a noninvasive method of data collection, we consider the levels of topical, social, temporal and spatial orientation as primary working areas for any support system.

Association of Integrated Communication www. The research project ViENA Visual Enterprise Network Analytics aims to develop and test krejs prototype software of visual network analysis that will be capable to support organizational consulting services.


Lukas Zenk | Danube University Krems –

The visualization and analysis of this kind of data is challenging because of its relational and temporal nature. Supporting Cognition and Communication at Kems more.

Context assessment as a basis for appropriate support of individual and organizational learning. Interview mit Lukas Zenk.

Dissertation donau uni krems

As its focus will be the visualization of change, its main purpose is the display and evaluation of change management processes.

February, Volume Visual Enterprise Network Analytics Dynamic network visualizations in organizations and development of krens prototype Role: This integration of visual, interactive, and automatic methods supports the multi- faceted analysis of dynamically changing networks.

Mit einem Schwerpunkt ,rems der Anwendung in Organisationen werden folgende Fragen adressiert: Connecting people and knowledge at conferences more.

dissertation donau uni krems

Conferences, Coffee and Complexity. A dynamic network approach to explain high and low performing teams. Zenk, L; Windhager, F.

dissertation donau uni krems

Contextualization of situated e-learning and knowledge transfer in organizations. Applied social network analysis Lions Club Wien Classics. This position paper takes on this challenge by outlining a strategy of user-driven software development which aims to shift analytical procedures from the numerical to the visual realm. The developments identi- fied can be characterised as moves towards an increasingly computer-assisted network economy.


Interview mit Florian Windhager und Lukas Zenk. Research focus and current dknau. System theoret isch zu denken und zu handeln bedeutet unter anderem nichtlineare Sichtweisen zu betonen. Sep Publication Name: Situated organizational mapping [in german]. Exploring how people connect EDU days Conference. A web-conference for networks. Tertius gaudens versus tertius iungens. Netzwerkforschung in der Kognitionswissenschaft. Focusing exclusively on the changes in the use of email communication over time, two different methodological approaches are used to analyze the email data stream: Beobachter der sozialen Physik.

Efficient Networking at Events.