Consequently, the resistance to water movement was low and CO 2 assimilation rates were higher. Changes in soluble sugar content and sucrose synthesizing capacity. University Press of Florida, Gainnesville. The percentage of flowers setting pods is in the range 0. You are commenting using your WordPress. Air temperature, RH and rainfall are correlated and affect the seasonality of microclimatic conditions inside a cacao plantation Miranda et al. In several videos I watched about the cocoa’s market about the ebola I had some more information about the impact of the disease on the market.

Uniquement disponible sur DissertationsEnLigne. Usually under field conditions the flushing cycle is activated by environmental changes Almeida et al. Ng E Potential cacao photosynthetic productivity. Pod production is small during the first years and increases every year as the tree gets older. Auxin concentration is significantly higher in clones with low production of flowers low-flower producers. Also, measurements of diameter and stem height, average crown diameter and leaf area of cacao trees between one to three years old have been used as variables to estimate the yield capacity of cacao Batista and Alvim, ; Garcia and Nicolella, Only the second phase, previously known as the irreversible phase dormancy in I-1 and I-2 , is controlled by the transport of ABA from mature leaves to the apex.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

A shaded cacao tree, on the other hand, could transpire about 26 L tree -1 0. Congress Photosynthesis, Rehovot, Israel, pp. Raja Harun RM, Hardwick Disssrtation a The effects of prolonged exposure to different light intensities on the photosynthesis of cocoa leaves.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Although there is no causal link between expression of enzymatic activity and incompatibility, Warren and Sunnita verified that enzymes like isocitrate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase and acid phosphatase are indicative dissertatlon incompatibility systems IS. In cacao, leaf export rate of carbon is sharply reduced with the decline of Y w between Usually under field conditions the flushing cycle is activated by environmental changes Almeida et al.

Cacao: La Côte d’Ivoire adopte le système de commercialisation du Ghana

Nowadays the comprehensive work of Ahenkorah et al. The cacao Criollo has been cultivated for a long time in Central and South America and constitutes the first domesticated cacao trees Sounigo et al. The evaluation of fine root growth of cacao trees, dissertatioj under field conditions, has been very much limited to static inventory data, for example, assessment of biomass at a given moment in time Beer et al.


Low chl content and high anthocyanin pigmentation of expanding leaves also contribute to maintain relatively low leaf temperature and, together with the presence of relatively dense hair cover on the leaf surface, may contribute to further decrease transpiration rates Abo-Hamed et al.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

The video focuses on Cote d’Ivoire which is the world’s largest cocoa producer and whom might be in danger due to its location next to Guinea and Liberia. On the other hand, the effects triggered by dry periods followed by rain on the apical bud activity seem to occur through modifications of the ABA: Entomofauna comparada com a do Sul da Bahia.

Ng E Potential cacao photosynthetic productivity. Disserttion fact that GA 3 applied to NF leaves in the F-2 stage does not promote a reduction effect on the duration of the apex dormancy period reinforces the hypothesis that the apical dominance, at this stage, is due to competition by nutrients instead of the presence of hormonal cite in the leaves Abo-Hamed et al.

According to Aneja et al. Although there coye no recognizable abscission area in the flower pedicel at anthesis, within 24 h starch grains appear in divvoire pedicel cortex, in the neighborhood of the incipient abscission area, and cell separation begins in the epidermis at mm from the point of pedicel attachment to the tree trunk Aneja et al.

Cacao market

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Cacao is commercially exploited for seed output mainly destined for chocolate manufacturing. A better understanding of the factors involved in floral abscission can be of great horticultural value Aneja et al.

Some measureas have been taken. Up to the moment that the leaf blade becomes completely green, it thickens and becomes rigid with a pronounced cuticle, and both the stem: In the definition of an appropriate climate for cacao cultivation in forest understorey conditions, it is well known that their microclimatic variables are completely different from the standard weather conditions outside cotf environment Bonaparte and Ampofo, Trinidad for resistance to Phytophthora pod rot. Studies on light interception and photosynthesis show that seed production is light limited, dissertatioh due to external and internal shade self-shading in the cacao stand and light extinction inside the canopy Yapp and Hadley, In the one-pipe plots the percentage of fine roots were higher than medium and coarse roots, however low in number and also distributed on the ccaao of the irrigation pipe B.


Orchard JE, Saltos MR The growth and water status of cacao during its first year of establishment under different idvoire of soil water management. This period is characterized by relatively low temperatures.

The quality of pollination can depend on two factors, the degree of pollen compatibility and the number of pollen grains deposited on the stigma Lanaud et al. Additionally, wind conditions during the dry season reduce cacao yield due to water loss and reduction of leaf area Alvim, ; Ke et al.

On the other hand, these parameters can be modified by abiotic factors, such as those inhibiting, for instance, initiation of floral buds Alvim, or those that, after flowering and pod set, influence the pod development Wood, In this case, the role of ABA seems to be in maintaining rather than initiating apical bud quiescence Abo-Hamed et al.

However, on a sunny day both trees showed a substantial difference in transpiration when compared with a cloudy day. For the cacao dissergation with only one pipe the longitudinal root length along divoide planting line was, on average, 2. At the end of this stage, cytokinin, imported from the root, accumulates in the apical bud and helps activating the break of bud quiescence in the transition to stage F-1 Alvim et al. divorie