Maintenance operations are characterized by large teams working on disjointed tasks, spread out over a hangar. A stress problem can manifest itself by signs of irritability, forgetfulness, sickness absence, mistakes, or alcohol or drug abuse. If an overload situation is developing, methods to help relieve this include: This would be great.. Diac Noida 13 November at

Even though this stage is characterized by brain activity similar to a person who is awake, the person is even more difficult to awaken than stage 4. Diac Noida 7 June at Time pressure and high workload increase the likelihood of all types of violations occurring. This means in poor light levels we see only in black and white and shades of grey. Because the essay n MCQ are of separate markings of the Module Physical work As an engineer gets older, the musculoskeletal system stiffens and muscles become weaker. Unknown 18 July at

Pradip Jadhav 5 July at Mujib July 3, at 3: You are tasked with securing a small seater aircraft due to high winds.

On carrying out a system check of a stall warning system it is discovered that the first officer’s stick shaker is inoperative. Please study the Basic Function of the Eye!

Warning sign must attract an engineers attention! After heavy maintenance an aircraft is taken outside for engine runs.

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Affects of toxins and other foreign substances such as carbon monoxide poisoning, alcohol, illicit drugs, etc. Managers and supervisors have a key role to play in ensuring that work is carried out safely.

Parmeet Singh Matta 5 November at Situation awareness is the synthesis of an accurate and up-to- date ‘mental model’ of one’s environment and state, and the ability to use this to make predictions of possible future states. Too much boredom is as bad as heavy work overload and both will lead to failures!


If necessary, tools such as mirrors and bore scopes may be needed to help the engineer see into remote areas. Skill-based behaviors are those that rely on stored routines or motor programs that have been learned with practice and may be executed without conscious thought. Health effects – such as nausea, headaches, sleep problems, diarrhea, ulcers, etc.

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Can anyone send me the answers for module 9? Slips can be thought of as actions not carried out as intended or planned, e. There were staff shortages Time pressures existed All the errors occurred at night Shift or task handovers were involved They all involved supervisors doing long hands-on tasks There was an element of a can-do attitude Interruptions occurred There was some failure to use approved data or company procedures Manuals were confusing There was inadequate pre-planning, equipment or spares.

Factors associated with object being viewed such as: In terms of situation awareness, engineers must have the ability to extrapolate the consequences of their errors over hours, days or even weeks.


modhle Missing a break in an effort to get a job done within a certain time frame can be counterproductive, as fatigue diminishes motor skills, perception, awareness and standards. People weigh up the perceived risks against the perceived benefits, unfortunately the actual risks can be much higher.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Subjective effects – such as anxiety, irritability, depression, moodiness, aggression, etc. Unknown 30 May at Muscles become totally relaxed and the eyes rapidly dart back and forth under the eyelids. Spoken messages provide considerable flexibility and informality to express work-related matters when necessary. Shwetta 2 September at Take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work; Co-operate with the maintenance organization to ensure that statutory requirements concerning health and safety at work are met; Work in accordance with any safety instruction and or training received; Inform their supervisor or management of work situations that represent an immediate or potential danger to health and safety at work and any shortcomings in protection arrangements; Not interfere intentionally or recklessly with, nor misuse, anything provided in the interests of health and safety.


This might be actual pressure where clearly specified deadlines are imposed by an external source e.

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Working in any confined space, especially with limited means of entry or exit e. If the fumes are likely to have this effect, the engineer should increase the ventilation locally or use breathing apparatus to dissipate the fumes. Stress can be defined as any force, that when applied to a system, causes some significant modification of its form, where forces can be physical, psychological or due to social pressures.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Sleep is even deeper and the sleeper is now quite unresponsive to external stimuli eassa so is difficult to wake. There are many different types of maintenance error reporting schemes. Describe failures leading to the incident and which error model would best describe it. Domestic and Work Related: Staying in shape will minimize the effects of ageing, but they still occur.