Have a look at this handout: Medway High School Medway Rd. Macbeth Scene Questions View. Tel 00 44 Peer Edit of Literary Analysis. Essay Outline Blank pg2. Compare Contrast Macbeth Introductory activity.

Media Staff and Board. Lord of the Flies Questions. Process Analysis Note View. Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Little evidence of writing process organizes material with some clarity and logic Eng3U Essay Writing – kuzeysove. Click on the link above for an outline of what to include in your pitch. Megan, Sam, Braydon Reading, note-taking, journals, seminar planning, thesis development, media planning Tuesday, November

A Nice Place to Visit. Stylistic Devices Practice A.

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Lord of the Flies Sample Prestwick Guide. Media analysis practice Wednesday, December Last day for presentations Exam review.

Peer Edit of Literary Analysis. Commas, Apostrophes and Quotation Marks. Essay Outline Blank pg 3.

eng3u essay rubric

In-text citations or parenthetical citations. Style Guide Scavenger Hunt. Media project outline click here. Macbeth Intro Circle Questions View. How can we make the world a better place?


Split your payment apart – Eng3u Essay Rubric.


Essay Writing Dos and Donts. What can we edsay from this chapter to apply to our own lives? Nathan, Kimran, Amber Reading, note-taking, journals, seminar planning, thesis development, media planning Thursday, November Macbeth Circle Groups View. Argumentation and Persuasion View.

eng3u essay rubric

Last day for presentations Exam review Week Seventeen: Time to read Friday, October What makes someone dangerous? Matching Them Up Simple Predicates.

eng3u essay rubric

Lab Introducing the scene presentation assignment You will need to pull key quotes from the scene to create a script and prepare a presentation of it much like we practiced with the second version but I won’t time yours unless you would like me to. Grammar Olympics Rubric and Metacognition.

Journals Active Reading notes should be in preparation for your final eng3j which will be based on the key ideas listed above Friday, November 6: Last week for book club – focus on Media Creation Monday, November Essay Editing Compare Contrast View. It would help if you could join our blogging site in advance.


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Book Club selection list introduced. Uses critical thinking skills with very limited effectiveness. Lord of the Flies Debate View.

Introduction to Book Club Monday, October Welcome to our ENG3U website. Macbeth Scene Questions View. Scene summary presentations continued Week Thirteen: