Studying Craft Revision Opinion: Launching the Reading Workshop. In this unit, students are introduced to the skills, practices, and routines of argument writing by working collaboratively with their peers to examine argument models, plan for their writing, and gather evidence. Argument Graphic Organizer – Revised. Lifting Level Narrative Writing: By the end of the unit, students will have produced fully developed arguments. Discovering the Voice Inside Your Heart.

Launching Strong Reading Habits. Argument Personal Review – developed by Kelli Duck. In the final task, students must analyze the claims in all four speeches to support their own argument as to which speech makes the strongest argument for promoting racial equality. Argument Peer Review Requires reviewer to close read and identify specific components and offer specific suggestions for revision. Launching with True Stories.

Argument Graphic Organizer – LInk. Reading Fiction and Traditional Literature. How-To Books Apprenticeship Writing: Growing as Small Moment Writers.

If you see questionable material on this site or any linked sites, please contact the school district. In order to build their knowledge on the argument topic and practice the skill of gathering evidence to support claims, students read and analyze four articles that discuss the effects of digital media usage.


Argumentative Essay Peer Review Argument Writing – Overview and Introductory Paragraph. This is an abriged version of the argimentative argument rubric created specifically for science, social studies, and technical subjects.


Informational Writing Personal Expertise. Personal Review for Argument Writing. This graphic organizer reflects the change made to put the most convincing argument right after the counterclaim and right before the conclusion.

Home Our District “. English Language Arts Depth of Knowledge: Building and Writing Personal Poetry Anthologies.

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Using the Power of Reviews Informational Writing: Peer Editing for argument writing. Click on a grade level below to expand the accordian table and see links to specific units of study.

engageny argumentative essay rubric

Launching with Personal Narrative Stories. Achieve the Core – lessons, student writing samples, curriculum tools. After gathering evidence and deciding on a central claim, students learn how to plan their arguments and begin drafting. Teachers can choose to implement all of these lessons or only those that address the needs of their students.


This unit requires students to read four speeches for the purpose of teaching argument. To continue to strengthen their drafts, students engage in peer review and argumentatiev conferences, incorporating constructive eubric into their revisions.

Argument Personal Review – developed by Kelli Duck.

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engagsny Launching with Small Moments. Finally, students learn and apply the conventions of the editing process to finalize their arguments. Lifting Level Narrative Writing: Letters for Social Action. Developing a Counterclaim Graphic Organizer. Readers Use Strategies to Read. Mixed Genre Series Clubs.

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Building a Talking Community. Launching the Writing Workshop.

Requires reviewer to close read and identify specific components and offer specific suggestions for revision. This unit contains a esay of supplemental skills lessons, which provide direct instruction on discrete writing skills.

engageny argumentative essay rubric

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