Full time hair stylist 7. By mohamad faizal abdullah. Coffee Shop and Internet Cafe Business Plans – Palo Alto Sample business plans for coffee shop, Internet cafe, drive-thru coffee, coffee kiosk, coffee house, cyber cafe, and similar businesses. Thus, this shows that Arte de Pelo is gaining its experience to be better in the future. Thus, other competitors will conquer the balance of the population. Remember me on this computer.

Some of them need to be wash and clean. Incorporate stress-relieving treatments and finishing touches with each client. The business hour will start from We will touch up the part that is not right or if the customers requested to add some services or to re-style their hair into another. And as an Operational Manager, the main role in this post is to concerned with the production of goods and services and ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resource as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. We will tell the customers to make appointment so that it will be easier for the workers to scheduling their work.

This is because, people are more confident to go there as their experience in handling their customers. Skip to main content.

ent300 business plan presentation

So, presentatipn can also have many choices to meet their preferences. We also hope that our business plan will give huge benefits to those who are interested in ENT Presentation. All services and products that we sell is in RM Ringgit Malaysia. In addition, the financial statement should be supported by depreciation schedule for every fixed asset owned as well as amortization schedule loan for repayment.


Cost of Sales Opening stock Purchases 76, 89,Less: Demand for the product and service will increase based on the promotions that have been done.

This section will demonstrate the operational aspect of the business that is crucial in transforming the business input and output. Busiess our company it is more efficient to promote our services to the public by promoting through the non-media channel which is Business Card, Bunting, Flyers, Wordof-Mouth, and Advertising Literature. By mohamad faizal abdullah. Marketing Plan helps to evaluate market acceptance, develop strategies to market products or services of the business, identify required resources to presentagion the marketing strategy and estimate marketing financial requirement.

The Chief executive officer also needs to organize, motivating and to control of his down liner to be always on top of their job.

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Azfar and Fatin will be the professional cutters and Nadia will be the receptionist and cashier as she will always be around at the shop. Presentatin has shown that Arte de Pelo has the calibre to be one of the most successful hair salons in Malaysia. The work shift will start from 10am until 1pm, 2pm until 5pm and 6pm until 10pm. Advertising Advertising is a non-personal, do the promotion through the mass media.

The number of competitors may increase at the operation. Identify professional goals annually.

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Bangsar has grown rapidly in recent years, but has paid a price in terms of traffic jams and a shortage of pllan places. Principal Interest Loan Repayment: Bachelor Hons in Marketing K Skills: Page 7 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 4.


Racing cars and drifting. Business hour Business hour refer to the time of business is open to the workers. As financial manager, the main job in this post is to record everything about finance of the company.

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Skip to main content. Membership cards are the best busoness to maintain customer loyalty and one of the ways to businessperson to shows their appreciation to customer. A very experienced marketer and hair dresser.

Before joining this venture, she had worked in Thomas n Guys as senior hair cutter for 2 years and had worked as sales person at ZARA P,an for 8months. We hired 5 workers from outside, which are two junior cutters, two is professional and another worker will work as fortune-wash hair and craftsman hair color.

ent300 business plan presentation

Married I Academic Qualification: Each of the partners must act in good faith and respect other partners. Page 5 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 3.

ent300 business plan presentation

The loan is crucial in order to start the business, so the presentation of this business plan is vital to gain the confident of the bank. Page 59 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 7. We had interviewed the competitors and collect the information as much as we could on the survey.