HRW calls for ensuring justice for Nusrat. You all have to appear soon before Allah and He will question you about your deeds. Islam is a very fine and lovely religion. He is one without any partners. This Day have those who reject Faith given up all hope of your religion:

The reason is that you have taken on your self this responsibility of wedlock in the name God and they have become your life partners observing the rule of law given by God. Declaration of basic human rights: Basic elements of faith: As a result, during his lifetime former slaves became governors of provinces and generals in warfields and quality was exercised practically in the society and all the differences vanished among people. Indigenous Australians take government to UN over climate change. The language, the wording, the style, the brevity, the boldness, the truthfulness, the meaningfulness of the statements, the principles laid down in it are all of the top most genius standard having no better programmed and no better expression than that it has put forward.

Every Muslim are brothers, you must require to respect them, like a thing for them which you like for yourself. All economic evils are generated by usury.

essay khutbah hajjatul wida

This address is called the Farewell Address as it was the last Sermon delivered to the people during the Last Hajj of his life. This Day have I perfected your Religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam As your religion.

essay khutbah hajjatul wida

All economic imbalances are caused by usury. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Similarly, a wife must be modest, honest, and dutiful and performing her functions as are befitting a wife towards her husband and children and other family members.


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Declaration of basic human rights: It was a sermon which looks like a legal instrument jajjatul an international, rather universal level. See Fath al-Bari, vol. Probably, you will not meet me again after this year of mine. When again asked whose welfare?

The sermon of Hajjatul Wida: A complete charter of human rights | |

She is to maintain the honour of the house and the family. It was a sermon so sincere and serene, yet so melodious and thought provoking and giving to mankind fundamental and guiding principles concerning the rights of humanity whereby life at all levels could be reformed and set right at individual, collective, national, international and universal level for all time s to come.

Welfare and well being of all in all dimensions. We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and Tribes, that ye may know Each other Not that ye may despise each other.

khutbah Hajjatul Wida in Urdu

The sermon is a perfect road to establish peace and harmony in society and to develop this world and fill it with justice, piety and righteous deeds.

Martin Luther King launched a difficult struggle against the white people of America in order to win civil rights for the black Americans. The total articles wereof which on short-listing remained and out of them this article stood first. All human beings are the progeny of Adam and Adam was esssy of clay. The reason is that you have taken on your self this responsibility of wedlock in the name God and they have become your life partners observing the rule of law given by God.


Western black men were not counted as humans. He addresses, people listen to me, do prayer to Allah, Pray for everything to him, when you are in trouble you must call him.

From the first breath of span of ihutbah to the last breath was taken in view in this address and simple, practicable solutions were afforded in it.

But before years of Luther and many years of Nelson Mandela our beloved Prophet strictly finished the chapter of racism through farewell sermon. If you follow these you will never go astray.

Tafsir of the Holy Qur’An Ch 2: May Allah Bless all Muslims.

Alleviation of poverty is not possible unless this curse is ended. Never go astray after me nor cut the necks of each other. The Prophet of Allah pbuh said: About The Author admin. Voting in 5 upazilas to be held on June 18 Indo-Bangla ties to remain same whoever elected in India: Timely action could have averted Nusrat murder: