Current Affairs General Knowledge. As human is a social animal first. The beauty contests aim to identify the most effective personality out of the thousands standing at the corner, not only in terms of external beauty but also in terms of their confidence towards facing the world. Beauties like aishwariya rai, sushmita sen have made India proud with their beauty, talent, confidence, and showcased their individuality. It teaches children the worth of a person is almost solely based on appearance. The topic seems to be true at first sight, but when deeply pondered, it will be found that it depends on the woman participating.

I have seen many young parents ‘grooming’ their little children with an aim to make them beauty queens. But only in some cases I am talking about. I asked her mother about her studies and she very carelessly answer me, “ek baar movies mein set ho gayi to fir padhaayi kaun puchhtaa hai” once she will settle down in movies, who will ask about her studies. It implies that the woman does not, any longer, have the qualities a woman should. If they are keeping interest upon this programs they spoil their career, and there is no for with stand upon themselves in their future life. The womanhood of a woman is judged by her care for others and overall talent to deal with the life.

It is the courage of the women to show her beauty and her talent in front of all the public present over there. This is opportunity to the woman expressing their views and show their capability but its not for physical appearance it’s not a fashion show to show different type of dresses, it’s just a test for inner beauty and mental maturity over society.

As we know that “with great powers come great responsibility “. Insecure women who watch the pageants are bound to develop a false body image and may even become anorexic or even bulimic just to look like beauty queens.


Beauty contests degrade womanhood

In my point of view beauty contest does not degrade womanhood because it is a field and people who are interested and having talent are participating in that. Beauty contest is not degrading contedts, Everyone in the world wants to look smart and now in modern time every one is conscious about his or her dressing sense.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

A girl student listens to a speech on Independence Day or on Republic day about the great work of our freedom fighters. According to me, beauty contests are providing women a good platform to showcase their talents and skills. There are many games also where athletes or players have to wear such types of clothes in which their body is exposed like swimming, tennis so should we ban those games also?

They increase dieting, eating disorders, and lowers their self esteem causing them to feel simply inaccurate and ugly.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood? – Group Discussion

It is one of the ways to explore yourself in front of the world. What exactly is bwauty point of this competition? Beauty pageants are suppose to made to entertain, if womanhoov girl has low self esteem and low confidence its not the pageants falt, chances are the girl had those issues way before she watched a beauty pageant, i feel pageants offer girls a chance to chase there dream and any one can participate in it.

Their natural beauty, which may provide them an opportunity to work in modelling, fashion industry. I do not believe that beauty contests are harmful to women, as long as they encourage them to push harder and achieve more.

She was very cute and charming. According to me its a total maturity, talent, owmanhood, behavior. It also allows women to achieve scholarships and discover self-confidence and create bigger futures. I want ddegrade put my views. According to me beauty contests are not degrading womanhood.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?

Not only does it help these women earn cash through the contest, a woman or young lady can receive a scholarship to be able to enter a better school. Some people are thinks that the our culture is to wear saree not wear small dresses to expose our body but there are various games are there where girls are required to wear small dresses like swimming, tennis etc then weather we should banned those games no we shouldn’t. Womanhood is when you manage your family, your work, contesgs time.


Beauty contest is not degrading womanhood.

What are the things which is really good and we should encourage to woman to do that? The audience will spend their cash for entertainment, which increase the economy in the end. They just want to leer and feast their eyes on beautiful bodies and after the show go home to their spouse and forget about the women altogether. Not only do they demand it, but they deserve it. Do these really harm the society and the younger generation and degrade womanhood?

So, women’s should take it in a right way and they can use their own traditional dresses like chude, saree, etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. It is not fair to girls and women that they have to go through this and if there was a way to do things then it would be different.

Hey friends, I like to add some point if someone wants to show how beautiful she is, then she has the right for it.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

Beauty pageants are degrading and harmful to women and children. It is a part of freedom for expression.