Reverting to the wild and crazy competitive guy. The different relationships Homer has with both Fi and Ellie make him a very interesting character. Homer used to say that he was too tough to have emotions. Coming from a Greek background, Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities. In his thinking , guys were always the heroes, always that little bit better than girls”. Homer does mature, though it takes a while.

They’d be more at home hanging out at the milk bar than playing croquet with your parents. The thing about Homer is that he’d known exactly how angry it’d make me when he said that, but he couldn’t stop himself. He is a mess from then till they are captured He gave an evil grin. It was getting hard to remember that this fast-thinking guy, who’d just spent fifteen minutes getting us laughing and talking and feeling good again, wasn’t even trusted to hand out the books at school”. He combined action with thought, and he planned ahead. I’m sure Homer wasn’t scared.

I found myself getting quite sentimental about him.


So I always stand up to him, and I did it again this time. I saw the sweetness of Homer then, that he’d had as a little guy, but which some people probably thought he’d lost as a teenager. Character profile homer yannos None of us had thought anything about it because it seemed impossible. The container gave a quick lurch, then started moving … A container of diesel not restrained by the fertiliser slid slowly down hill … I grabbed it … Homer ynnos me and I realised on the fear scale we were rating about the same figure.


His sweat rained down on me”. She was one of my role models – along with Marilyn Monroe and Emily Dickinson.

Homer yannos character essay prompt

If you disagree, think I have missed something, or have something to add, please use the nomer at the bottom of the page to send me a note. He eventually admits he was mistaken about taking the gun and then, when preparing to attack Cobbler’s Bay, he shows such good sense that Ellie is relieved.

essay on homer yannos

Partially blows plot of each and every book Please don’t read on if this concerns you Reptile, troublemaker, problem, slob, loud mouth, macho, wild, crazy, immature; Homer Yannos is all of those things. He did so much thinking – not that he ever said so himself, but it was obvious from the way he spoke in our meetings. I was now touching the two boys I loved most in the world, and I thought how lucky I was. We’d talked about our meager little stock of weapons a few times and agreed that with such limited firepower we were better off with nothing.

Chris put down his pad and pen and stretched out. Ever since they were little kids Homer had been boisterous, at home and at school. As well as his Greek looks, it is revealed that Homer is attractive and physically skilled.

His voice was steady and strong. I stood and moved to a higher rock. Homer throws a coffee mug at the fireplace hoer get their attention.

essay on homer yannos

As with the rest of the crew, the remarkable, loyal, brave Homer; who saved them all at the start, who kept them going, who inspired, who lead, esxay enlivened, who struggled till the end; this very accomplished young man is in desperate need of all of the above by the end of ” The Other Side of Dawn “. And we began to realise that there might still be a life for us. Now she is gone, likely dead, and realising that is likely the worst moment in Homer life. But Chris, who was trembling but becoming suddenly and amazingly calm, answered for him.


He never really gets over Buttercup Lane, unlike Ellie. I hated to accuse Homer of being warm sensitive guy, but deep down inside he did have a trace of it at times.

None tannos us had thought anything about it because it seemed impossible.

It had really fazed him, the swim, then being grabbed by those guys at the creek. Thinking, hhomer, encouraging, inspiring. Supporting Extracts – Used with permission.

Homer yannos character essay prompt

Instinctively, he knows what to do and how to best manage the situation. He has many skills useful to fighting a war. I shouldered my pack. Homer had put us back on our feet and got us dancing again. If anything goes wrong we can call it off, no harm done, no need to feel bad. One of the many references to his Greek heritage in the novel is on page