Sangai Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Manipur. There is also invasion of non-native plants like Paragrass. The traditional boat race, Hiyang-HirenTanaba is a power packed event. Zizania latifolia , Saccharum munja , S. This site uses cookies. It lives in the marshy wetland in Keibul Lamjao about 45 km from Imphal.

The Sangai has a peculiar habit — of breaking its run to turn and wait for any onlooker. Hemis Festival 11 Jul to 12 Jul, The deer feed on several types of vegetation that grow on the phumdi. This has also restricted the mobility of the species, leading to inbreeding. Manipur is easily accessible by road. The forward protruding beam appears to come out from the eyebrow. Witness the best of art and culture, handlooms, handicrafts, ethnic sports, cuisines, music, adventure sports, as well as the scenic natural beauty of the land.

The deer species, fending maniour itself in its last safe refuge in the wild at Keibul Lamjao, is caught in the phenomenal conflict between development and the natural environment. The height and weight of the female are shorter and less as compared to the male counterpart.

The ten-day long festival lasts from 21st to 30th of November.

essay on sangai of manipur

The high water level, maintained continuously through the year, had disturbed the natural life cycle of the vegetation growth, the phumdi, upon which the Sangai thrives. The tail is short and rump pf is not pronounced.

By Rail There are no railway lines in the state of Manipur. An initiative the combines the efforts of villagers, forest officials, NGOs, and the state government will help the Sangai see brighter days.

The endangered Sangai deer of Manipur

The fusion music performances during the festival are absolutely wonderful. Manipur is poised to lose this esay wealth, forever, if timely help do not come now.


Ras-Leela dance, Pung Cholom and the ethnic Manipuri dance form creates magic on visitors with elegant steps and poignant music. This is another potential danger to the sangai habitat. Conservation Issues Sangai was believed to be almost ewsay bybut six individuals were spotted in and the State of Manipur has protected the species to increase the population to esswy The young are spotted at birth; these spots fade as the animal grows.

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On cloudy morning the period may extend to In another folklore of Manipur, a prince called Pudangkoi of Luwang clan had, by the grace of a divine entity, transformed himself into a deer which has later on called sangai. The deer feed on several types of vegetation that grow on the phumdi.

essay on sangai of manipur

There are few flights from Delhi to Imphal. Subsequent after the declaration of the area as National park and with strict conservation measures taken up by the Forest Department, the fear of its extinction no been greatly reduced. Considering the ecological sahgai and its biodiversity values, the lake was initially designated as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention on March 23, The two tines form a continuous curve at right angles to the closely set pedicels.

The Brow-antlered deer is a medium-sized deer, with exclusively distinctive antlers, measuring — cm. Sangai is also the state animal of Manipur.

The brow-antlered deer or the dancing deer is found in its natural habitat only at Keibul Lamjao National Park over the floating biomass locally called “phumdi” in the South Eastern part of Loktak Lake. Rucervus eldii eldii EoL: When humans love and respect the manipurr, it is respecting nature. And a very disturbing effect of the project has been its share of harm to the ecology and the environment of the Loktak, threatening the lake ecosystem, the humans and their lands, the wildlife, and all other life forms dependent on the lake for their living.


It has been keeping the water level in the lake artificially high, which separates the phumdis from the ground, preventing their absorption.

The Manipuri Brow-antlered Deer (Sangai) Habitat Facing Degradation

The slaying of the Sangai, an unpardonable sin, is conceived as the rude breaking up of the cordial relationship between humans and the nature. What is happening now, according to local scientists who are studying the phenomena, is that with continuous high water in the lake throughout the year much of this process of ‘feeding’ on the nutrient in the lakebed had discontinued.

essay on sangai of manipur

Talk of Manipur, and one of the first things to introduce the state is the sangai, other than polo, its classical dance, sports and films. The festival format is such that events take place all over Manipur. In the evening it starts at 3: The females fawn all year round. Characteristics Sangai is a medium-sized deer, od uniquely distinctive antlers, with extremely long brow tine, which form the main beam.