Muslim students will have a uniform consisting of a black alpaca, half-sleeved chugha and a red Fez cap He became a leading Muslim voice opposing the adoption of Hindi as a second official language of the United Provinces now Uttar Pradesh. He established several schools and among them the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University is prominent. He published the book Asaar-us-sanadeed Great Monuments documenting antiquities of Delhi dating from the medieval era. He looked both Hindus and Muslims with the same eyes. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan alone among his contemporizes realized that the plight of Muslims could not be improved without a revolution in their attitude towards education. Indian educator and politician.

Through the s, Syed Ahmed Khan began developing a strong passion for education. Acquainted with high-ranking British officials, Sir Syed obtained close knowledge about British colonial politics during his service at the courts. In , the college was transformed into a university. In , Syed Ahmad entered the service of East India Company and went on to become a judge at a Small Causes Court in , and retired from service in He was appointed serestadar at the courts of law in Agra, responsible for record-keeping and managing court affairs. Then we ought to unite with that nation with whom we can unite. The ordered form of women education in India was incorporated in the early centuries of the Christian era.

Syed Ahmad Khan

Skip to main content. In order to settle the question of whether Sir Syed was a communitarian fssay a communalist, we need to assess the speeches and articles which he wrote. It will be mandatory on boys in residence to join the congregational prayers namaz at all the five times. It has several pictures of Shaikh M.


Syed Ahmed Khan

Retrieved 14 October Later on he established ‘Vegan Samaj’ for headinsg English books to impart scientific knowledge to the Muslims. Inhe organised the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in Aligarh, which promoted his vision of modern education and political unity for Muslims.

Despite being a devout Muslim, Sir Syed criticized wiith influence of traditional dogma and religious orthodoxy, which had made most Indian Muslims suspicious of British influences. They will have food either on tables of European style or on chaukis in the manner of the Arabs… Smoking of cigarette or huqqa and the chewing of betel shall be strictly prohibited.

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Sig established several schools and among them the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University is prominent.

Their ignorance of the English language and lack of modem education kept them away from respectable government posts. Khan was one of the most influential Muslim politicians of that xhmed. Syed Ahmad is widely commemorated across South Asia as a great Muslim social reformer and visionary. He brought the Muslim revival through the Aligarh movement and showed the importance of education. Let us discuss below.

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In this work Syed Ahmed Khan interpreted Islam on logical and scientific basis. However, Sir Syed was born at a time when rebellious governors, regional insurrections and the British colonialism had diminished the extent and power of the Mughal state, reducing its monarch to a figurehead status. He argued in several books on Islam that the Qur’an rested on an appreciation of reason and natural law, making scientific inquiry important to being a good Muslim.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Inhe published the two works Namiqa dar bayan masala tasawwur-i- Shaikh and Silsilat ul-Mulk.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

Click here to sign up. This correspondence was published as “Tasfiyat ul Aqaaid” in C.

He openly identified himself with the early rationalists of Islam, the Mu’tazalites. Sir Syed was taught to read and understand the Qur’an by a female tutor, which was unusual at the time. Retrieved from ” https: A translation which had been started by a government official was finished by Sir Syed’s great friend, Colonel G. Aligarh Fort Sir Syed Masjid. These students later on became the torch bearers of the freedom movement in Indo-Pakistan. Retrieved 4 February Infor the first time, the girls of this school appeared in Middle School Examination and one of the students, Hanifa Begum secured First Position and a scholarship was awarded to her.

There is tremendous competition in every walk of life. Articles containing Esay text. His elder brother founded the city’s first printing press in the Urdu language along with the journal Sayyad-ul-Akbar. There he studied the system of Education. Sir Syed also increased the political awareness of Muslims in the Sub-continent. With his elder brother Syed Muhammad bin Muttaqi Khan, Sir Syed was raised in a large house in a wealthy area of the city.