Let us move towards a society in which everyone is given a chance because they are useless, they are usedless. Of course, Today was the Tomorrow of Yesterday, so what are we being told to hold on for? Then what I wrote elsewhere in one of my essays of my say will come to pass. However, what I found out during my six years of a hide-and-seek game with a ‘real publisher of books’ was but a real publisher of names; of names of those who have already published books. We do not have a similar survey for India.

Is today’s youth wiser than their forefathers? During the times of conflict as such, two features are wrongly prominent; rude war literature and crude war economy. However they are aware of various things that is happening around them and are as responsible as they need to be. Book review – Towards Legal.. The number of new ‘fields’ is simply proof of the fact that more talent can be recognized. Internet search engine and technology giant Google celebrates the birth anniversary of noted English haematologist Lucy Wills with..

There was an article by Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post quoting a survey and analyzing how different generations have fared in America. Google celebrates Omar Khayyam’s.

Today people believe that Indian youth is useless and their energies cannot be accelerated to reach the summit. What happened to our youth? When we start giving the right direction to the youth and start ‘using’ their positive energy in a channelised way,the youth becomes the fountain head of creativity. Indian youths are full of energy. On December 12,I headed to Juba with over students from Kampala and staged this literacy campaign, the time I composed most of the poems attached below.


The youth of South Sudan are caught in between their cultures, the Old Guards and their new world dawning with the world class order.

Students’ Oxygen movement Blog: Indian Youths are Not ‘USE’less, They are ‘USED’less

Lush green and clean Phi Phi. How is today’s youth different from the young minds of the previous generation? The opposers are never paid much heed, as hey are an insignificant number in the face of today’s herd-like behavior.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Updated Jul 16, Buddha’s message of non-violence. Of course, this has little use to the youth of South Sudan.

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The great “Bob Dylan” immortalized the answer for this question in his epic song “Times they are a-changin'” hear it for the easay answer for this question. But, can we blame the youths for this.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Quora UserPh. This category is populated by peasants, war orphans, widows, the wounded heroes, etc. However, there is need to fight that colonial legacy, which is still instilled in our minds. Daily news and reports has forced usedles to think on the topic youh are the youth of today not able to realize the need of a developed, mightier and a stronger India.

Because that’s what they’ve seen all their lives. He keep his mind cool in every situation that’s why he is called captain cool I am tremendously appalled by the way some of our youth have begun to just dance to the tune of some political dunce and adapt to the tone of our tribalistic elders.

Is todays youth becoming more materialistic? In India, most of the youth want money and appearances, which is what they have been taught to want by their parents. Since Sudan has been suffering hard — but is now hardly recovering — from cancer of wars through ulcer of words, I, the expressively ulcerated South Sudanese, am suffering from cancer of words.


The voice behind Vox Media’s. Another child opts to be a teacher but seeing the low paid salary refuses.

Youth are not Useless but they are used less.

Some of it is need driven, like competition for resources, but we do learn from our ancestors and build upon that knowledge to pass on to the next generation. However they are aware of various things that is happening around them and are as responsible as they need to be.

What are the most important strengths and weaknesses of today’s youth 30 and below as compared to previous generations? Modi should have never visited Nawaz Sharif!

THE YOUTH OF THE SOUTH: Used less, hence made useless | THE EASED AFRICA I WANT

Various social causes like poverty,illiteracy etc can come to an end if youth plays an active role in such causes. So spare me this deliberate circumvention for my own literary convention conducted in a series of serious conferences only within the circumference yyouth my upper room, call it, Head Hall.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Yet again, if this is not understandable — lo, we go! Today’s youth have less constraints on them than the previous generations.