In , Junagadhs Muslim ruler desired to accede his territory to Pakistan , after Indias independence in , princely states of Kathiawar, including the former Junagadh State , were merged to form the state of Saurashtra on 15 February In his book Mansai Na Deeva was awarded the ‘Mahida award’. Shivaji nu Halardu – Tribute to the great warrior Shivaji. The city is one of Germany’s 16 federal states. What Hindi poem is written by you?

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essay on zaverchand meghani in gujarati

Mirror of the Internet Archive in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. InJunagadhs Muslim ruler desired to accede his territory to Pakistanafter Indias independence inprincely states of Kathiawar, including the former Junagadh Statewere merged to form the state of Saurashtra on 15 February He was also the Editor of Phoolchhab Newspaper of Janmabhoomi group which is being published till date from Rajkot. The city is located on the bank of Aji River and Nyari River which remains dry except the monsoon months of July to September, the city is spread in the area of This information provides an insight into the book, particularly useful when only a view is available.

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He is a well-known name in the field of Gujarati literature. Poetry as a perception was a medium for expressing religious beliefs and judgements, in this context of gradual evolution, the history of Gujarati literature is generally classed into three broad periods, consisting of the Early period, the Middle period and the Modern period.

In his book Mansai Na Deeva was awarded the ‘Mahida award’. A sample of his collection of folk tales from Saurashtra has recently been published in an English, with the translation done by his son Vinod Meghani.

essay on zaverchand meghani in gujarati

Mahakshatrap Rudradaman I founded the Kardamaka dynasty which ruled from Anupa on the banks of the Narmada up to the Aparanta region which bordered Punjabin Gujarat several battles were fought between the south Indian Satavahana dynasty and the Western Satraps.

He authored more than books. Sorath forms the southern portion of the peninsula, the region historically encompassed the Diu district of the Daman and Diu union territory.

For nearly years from the start of the 1st century AD, the weather-beaten rock at Junagadh gives a glimpse of the ruler Rudradaman I of the Saka satraps known as Western Satrapsor Kshatraps. If a search term appears many times in a book, Google displays no more than three snippets, thus preventing the user from viewing too much of the book.

Later he returned to Saurashtra and joined the editorial board of the weekly Saurashtra at Rajkot in Cookies and How We Use Them?

Kasumbi no Rang – Written during the fight for independence of the country. Shivaji nu Halardu – Tribute to the great warrior Shivaji. Lord Salisbury was Secretary of State for India — Rajkot is the centre of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Rajkot is the 35th-largest urban agglomeration in Indiawith a population more than 1. Rajkot has been under different rulers since it was founded, Rajkot has a long history and had a significant part in the Indian independence movement.

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Gandhiji himself spent a few years of his early life here from to Courteney Bass Cox is an American zqverchand, producer, and director. View all items of this Gujarxti. It is during this time that he wrote ‘Kavya Triputi’ based on Gandhiji’s visit to London for the round table conference. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.


Rajkot has a climate, with hot, dry summers from mid-March to mid-June and the wet monsoon season from mid-June to October.

Jhaverchand Meghani

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Gujarat is home to the Gujarati-speaking people of Indiathe state encompasses some sites of the ancient Indus Valley Civilizationsuch as Lothal and Dholavira. As of Octoberthe number of scanned book titles was over 25 million, Google estimated in that there were about million distinct titles in the world, and stated that it intended to scan all of them.

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He lived a simple and sober life and his simplicity prompted his college mates to call him Raja Janak.