Moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles 5. Next from the vehicle. Overpopulation is a great challenge for not only developing but also highly developed countries, because it causes the increasing level of human consumption of energy, food and water. But, there question about that: I mean the Car is supposed to use just for 5 years but they use it more. Lack of integrity or honesty especially susceptibility to bribery ; use of a position of trust for dishonest gain 2. So less people will use private car.

I think the peoples who work in governmental is have education background and have studied about Pancasila, so they must know about that, about do corrupt is not good, but still they do corruption. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I mean the Car is supposed to use just for 5 years but they use it more. Moreover these gases can cause diseases, mostly breathing problem, like cough, or lung failure. On the other hand, people with higher education prefer to work in Jakarta because of the limitation of job opportunities in their cities. The collection of essays published in two volumes attempts to describe and analyse the nature and depth of the “home grown solutions” as presented in post-genocide Rwanda.

Care about the others too.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

Faktor lain merebaknya tindak pidana korupsi, menurut Suparji karena perilaku aparat kejaksaan yang kurang memahami atau tidak mencoba integritas secara konkrit. And they just wait about the death time. However, whatever type of begging is not good, because people could find work if they really desire it.

Poor people scattered in many places. In the rain times, my central city Jakarta and the other places seems to have much water. In order to solve these problems, the local government of Jakarta cannot work alone because the major factor affecting population growth is migration. In my opinion, there are two policies that should be pursued in order to tackle both reasons for population growth in Jakarta: If the economy of Indonesia is strong, there is no doubt that we are secured and no other countries would dare to disturb us or to steal anything from us Corruption In the dictionary there are six definitions of Corruption.


essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

What do you think about GenomeEditing and genetic engineering? This method is going to be applied by the government. Jasrivai Nikson et al “Pembudayaan dan pemetaan kurikulum anti korupsi pada pendidikan tinggi hukum sebagai upaya preventif dalam pemberantasan tindak pidana korupsi”.

But how if they still doing Corruption, that will make disadvantages for the society. The rivers full of water. They take something that making disadvantages to the society.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

In our transportation system, the problem is not only too many cars, the problems are the maintenance of the traffic light, the government is very unconcerned about his problem, if one is broken, it’ll take more than a month for the government to deal with it. Some people are suffering and they died because essa it. The government should issue strict rules and regulations, and to fully bind them, so that it won’t be easy to broke Poverty The Poverty rate in Jakarta is very high.

We are not blaming the car producer; this case isn’t problem for them. Farmers prefer to leave their hometowns in order to work in the city due to a lack of government incentives in the agricultural sector. And there are people which collect koupsi children by renting them and make the children work for them, being a beggar in the street.


On the other hand, people with higher education prefer to work in Jakarta because of the limitation of job opportunities in their cities. They must change their own way of thinking. We should educate our children not to litter everywhere they like, they should put the trash into the trash bin. The government should take care about them. By Rachmat R Fauzi. These plants are also able to absorb water to prevent flood.

(DOC) Writing an Essay (Jakarta is an Overpopulated City | Aminah Febriyani –

;emberantasan beberapa calon yang saat ini santer pebmerantasan di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Jamintel Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. They don’t care about that. The number of the population in Jakarta is way too high compared to job vacancy or job opportunities.

Everyone should work together, and to realize the urgent need them. When this occurs, a huge amount of money is spent for nothing, and some of them simply go to corruptor’s pocket. Littering properly is a must, in order to prevent flood and unhealthy environment.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

We can’t deny that all these problems are difficult to solve. What do you think?