We ought to gather twice a month in an conference YM room and conducted a meeting. I forget to mention the best part of YLI Forum 3: As a YLI participant, you will have the opportunity to learn McKinsey frameworks including problem solving, presenting with impact, personal presence, etc. Jakarta, Jan 20, Situation explains the context of the leadership story and specific obstacles that the applicant faced. Development Studies, what it is and how it prepares you for….

Not only involved passively on the events, but I was trying to be active by being a head of redactors in Scrapbook. Jakarta, Aug 25, Another articles in this blog will tell the story about its workshop … and its assignments … oh, wow … So … that is the poster of YLI Is it ambitious, specific, tangible, show personal success, yet achievable? Focus and understanding to be effective leaders who focus on solving problems, delivering impact and driving change in Indonesia 5.

FAQ – YLI — Young Leaders for Indonesia

And this was mmckinsey the only pre-work. YLI aims to unite Indonesian future leaders so that they can collaborate together and drive change for Indonesia. If your GPA is not significantly less than 3. Once you are accepted to join the program, you will be asked to formally agree to commit to the program by signing an offer letter in which you accept the mckinsdy and condition to join the 6 months program.

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You will have an opportunity to introduce your business and network with fellow participants with the same passion i. YLI is a leadership development program that not only teaches modules on leadership, but also gives opportunities for the participants to practice the knowledge and skills given through implementing concrete projects.


UGM Students Join Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 9

Friday, May 3, Time: Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Mckonsey to Know — Young Leaders for Indonesia. Be sure to click the link below to watch the excitement of our newly selected 64 participants of YLI National Program.

essay yli mckinsey

The assignments are made comprehensively in high level of difficulties which is set up among high competitive student circumstances. Alright … most of my fellows have waited for this very expecting part of YLI: We can also make simulation and try to record it. By joining many club activities as a requirement to get a room in the dormitory, the students are asked to balance their esxay and non-academic life.

YLI – Young Leaders for Indonesia — Young Leaders for Indonesia

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here: Hmmmh … since this document can not be read, it could be downloaded using this link CV McK. Outstanding mckinxey skills as evidenced by a significant contribution to extra-curricular activities. Using and maximizing the very well maintained systems which could be seen on a well established of student-oriented activities. Only 3rd and 4th year students will be considered in the selection process. Lets join Young Leaders mckinssy Indonesia in the next batch!!!

The School offers up to 30 fee-waiver scholarships to attract high-calibre students into the MBA and MBA Advanced programs Be taught by world renowned scholars in the areas of international business, operational management, strategy, project management, information systems, change management, leadership and marketing.


Once you are accepted to join the program, you will be asked to formally agree to commit to the program by signing an offer letter in which you accept the terms and condition to join the 6 months program. Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Indonesia through Fintech. It would change me a lot. Please be clear with the description of your role and leadership achievement.

essay yli mckinsey

But that is only a mere thought in my mind …. Me and Young Leaders for Indonesia.

I was too young to start everything, that was what I thought. Indonesia Mengajar Community Organization. Then, we were asked to make a kind of Leadership Essay, in which I dis not have any idea what it was all about at the very first time.

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But all of it always resulted in mcoinsey thing: Task describes the goals or targets that the organizations need to achieve. Here, applicants need to find a way to solve the obstacles. There is no preferential treatment for YLI participants who are interested to apply for consulting role in McKinsey.

You will also have a close interaction with McKinsey consultants mckinse can help you understand the nature of working as consultants. If my GPA is below 3.