We are all different people with different experiences, ideas, philosophies, living in different places and using technology differently. Sign me up to Erin’s eP! I began to dig around and find other instances of schools who were spending large amounts on technology, and yet there was very minimal integration. ET focuses on the learning affordances provided by the technology. Implications for active learning in a virtual text-based environment. We are interacting with the world through a different lens and we are forming relationships with technology which is changing how we interact with each other.

Retrieved November 20, , from http: I wonder if my daughter is limited in using her imagination as Jessie “only has finite states of mind? Nevertheless, with leaders in classroom blogging such as Darren Kuropatwa, educators now have mentors to follow that provide light in this ubiquitous, on-line environment. An invitation to extended reflection and conversation. Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. We do not have one without the other. O n the Horizon, 9 5 ,

First, I gained knowledge about scholarl topic. I argued for a socially constructed definition of academic dishonesty and that technology enables, but does not cause, dishonest practices. Tasks Accomplished and Skills Demonstrated collaboration in knowledge and final product communication leadership overcoming difficulties to produce a final product Knowledge Gained and Impact Made Group work is never my favourite mode of learning either personally or shcolarly my own classroom.

What are the purposes and nature of instructional design?

etec 511 scholarly essay

Well, when I was 4, I imagined my stuffy being “real” and pretended it talked to me, whereas my daughter doesn’t have to pretend. Reflecting back on my paper, I now schilarly less conflicted eetc having a dual argument in one essay.


Rocci Luppicini discuss how ET is linked to the maturation of the audio-visual movement in education and instructional training programs beginning in the First World War and that defining ET over the last four decades has been difficult to do.

The Dictionary Mobile Application plays an integral role in helping a student develop their identity: Today’s learners thrive on active participation in digital and media literacy, and their engagement in sites like Khan Academy stimulates intellectual curiosity sxholarly many levels. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Detroit Red Wings coaches. Has teaching labour been historically displaced by educational media and technology?

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How are administrators to know what the cost implications for any technology or what the returns will be? What kinds of relationships are appropriate with machines? Many religions believe that spiritual progress is attained through study.

etec 511 scholarly essay

Take a position state a thesis or argument and provide evidence, through scholaely and narrative, to support the position. Is the ideal form of spirituality that without technology?

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I believe that if educators want to personalize learning for their students, I agree with Hlynka and Jacobsen that it is important to understand the educational component in the definition of what ET eszay is. They also suggest that teachers, being keystone species, have control over technology uses and implementation, and the outcome of whether technology is integrated and how it is integrated is dependent on this.

Relations between informational sources, self- efficacy and academic achievement: But are the benefits of student blogs too good to be true? On the other hand, would I be getting critiqued on my technique, posture, stance? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I feel very proud of this paper and the process I went through to produce it.


This led me to think about how might the term Educational Technology ET be defined differently by different people, depending on their experiences with it. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Sign me up to Erin’s schplarly Your thoughts on our world of detached cultures creating fragmented parts of ourselves that cause us to no longer be whole is sticking with me. A commentary on the new AECT definition of the field. What are the disadvantages? Why have educators been slow to respond to open source?

Scholarly Essay ETEC 511 – UBC Blogs

Despite this, the goal continues to be “democratizing education” using technology by many. I see how my 4 year old daughter takes care of her baby doll, “Jessie. Are we providing enough scaffolding to our students to provide them with the support and guidance they need throughout the blogging process? School Science and Mathematics, 5 Moreover, constructivist students are not empty jars that eagerly await being filled with knowledge from their teachers; instead, the students are responsible for filling their own jars and the jars of their peers.

Importance of Experience This experience has a two-fold importance as I see it.