Have not been given any information on what to prepare for. Do you do your own planning or does teacher? What the assessor had written was the sent to a panel to see if I had met all the criteria, and six weeks later I received my HLTA status, note that it is not a qualification, despite the certificate. This site uses cookies. What made them so good?

I’ve got one assessment left to complete small filler one for the standards that I’m lacking and that’s pretty much it on the assessment front, but the portfolio of evidence is really getting to me. Hi Sunshine has given you good advice. Anonymous 13 February at It is possible to do in by June, but don’t expect any support as ur basically are left to do it on your own!!!! All the lesson plans are my own, but I’ve annotated them like a crazy woman hightlighing which standards thay hit one my lesson plans hits 6 standards on its own so there’s a lot of pencil on that one I’ve linked my certificate qualification to standards 7, 10 and 20 as I’m improving my own knowledge, developing my area of expertise to support development and using that area to plan my role on learning activities I still have all that paperwork.

examples of hlta course work

Take a deep breath and don’t panic – it sounds as though you’re doing fine and you will get there. I know I can get through it, but I just needed to get things out of my system before I implode into 36 standards and a million pieces of paperwork.


The criteria to becoming an HLTA were: Yes, I used two colours of highlighters on some policies and a key on exaamples bottom. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Organising Your documents

You will find that everyone in the group is as nervous as you are! I would like to make one time weekly monthly yearly donation s How many times would you like this to recur? Even more important, if you are using a policy, just include the relevant page and highlight the important section. A teacher will witness to the assessor that you are capable and confident to work with a whole class, but you will need to write up one session where you have introduced and managed the lesson independently.

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I have been working in the role of HLTA for 5 years and have now decided cpurse return to being a teaching assisstant. Do you think it is possible? I’ve gathered the schools polices and referenced these in assessments and evidenced them as much as possible to relevant standards It’s not about what happens at your school, it’s about you.

examples of hlta course work

It is potentially allowable to have some standards without documents, i. This contributor s article. Debbie 13 February at Anonymous 26 September at There’s a lot to cover in a day and at the end you may feel overwhelmed I know I do all of them on a regular basis but trying to describe how is fairly hard. Here is the link if you don’t have it already http: Photographs are your friend!


Organising Your documents – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – HLTA Community SW

F3 is usually the best one for covering and evidencing standard 1 – are you planning the lesson yourself? What can be done about it? What would you do if a teacher had planned work which was inappropriate for child you’re working with?

My first thought is examplws you get the HLTA handbook. I was nearly 6 months later when I received the forms to fill in and was called for interview to secure funding and to assess subject knowledge. Talk to your class teacher; pick a subject area you enjoy and feel confident with. Talk me through the process of exsmples schools SEN policy.

Please don’t let it worry it, everyone else is feeling the same.

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If a child said a racist cougse what would you do? This site uses cookies. No standard should have more than two documents. When I got there and spoke to others, we all felt the same! Greennature Foundation How much would you like to donate? They had most likely been through it to and can offer some great advice!