Prime Minister of U. Some other questions asked from other candidates: I think they were reserved about candidates taking other exams but still if I had said NO they would know i was lying. Call letters will be available on Home ministry website 17 th Aug: Keep your confidence level high and do not show your nervousness answer them keeping eye contact with them with all the members.

You may leave now. My interview starts at 1 Pm. M2- U have done ur engineering in electrical tell me about how transformer works. P1 —- yes thats all you may leave. Why not other govt job based on your technical background? Time duration — min They were asking just basic question based on your qualification , experience , hobby etc.

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IB ACIO Question Paper with Answers PDF – Paper I & II –

Can 213 please tell me if there is any dress code for interview? Suggestion as my paper is on this su day. The board was cordial, they made the essay feel comfortable at least i felt that. My interview was on 13 jan at Bapu dham new delhi in Board 1. And also, will the interview last for 1day only or will it take more than 1 day? Do you have any interest in learning it?


expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

Allocation per board is around 60 members. Family background related questions What you must do?

IB ACIO 2015 Question Paper with Answers PDF – Paper I & II

Laxmikanth Hindi English Spectrum: Srivastav my interview was on 16th jan in chennai. And made positive tone comments 2.

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

But you need walk for 10 min from metro to G-block — Present at 9 am sharp. Me-No sir, i dont watch indian movies much,if I get time I watch Hollywood movies. There was a comforting smile on faces of each. M from the four coloured parties of A.

I dont know I should have clarified on that. What does Jihad mean? Even if you did not prepare anything, do not tense. I Wish all the very best for the candidates attending the interview. Contributions of Ambedkar to Indian freedom struggle — I concentrated on the Constitution drafting part and threw light on social justice, mentioning that he came to the freedom struggle tpoics at a later stage. I said Yes which i think i shudnt hv said Expeccted was able to answer all the questions and satisfy them.


ACIO Essay Topics

After wishing the board gud morning I took my seat, first question was about my degree,1. Your observation that more questions are asked from GK is correct. Do you know Hindi? Since I am from Kerala and Sabarimala temple belongs to my district, asked about the temple and history of my place? I am sahil kapoor and i have done b. All 3 members stressed me by giving different examples. Then asked about my company and the present project?

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Who is ur favourite actor? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Human rights esay IS: I have told you that I dont know hindi but i didnt say i dont like. Some of the questions: P1-Then u must be aware of all the latest bollywood news.