Although the 1,m-high volcano has erupted during historical time, it has been less active than other volcanoes of Iceland’s eastern volcanic zone, and relatively few Holocene lava flows are known. Iceland is an MEDC more economically developed country. They discussed creating a single European Airspace this would save money and would react better to future crisis. The country lies astride the boundary of two tectonic plates which are pulling away from each other. Individual countries decided whether to ban flights or not.

Their actions also limited the impact in terms of casualties, and tests have taken place since to see if planes can fly in ash clouds, in what type of ash or around ash clouds. Responses to the event. This site uses cookies. Join the conversation on Geography Teacher Zone Our panel of experts take topical geography and science topics and help you link them to your classroom The Geography Teacher Zone is part of our strategic partnership with the GA. It may be in a bit more detail than some of you may like, so I encourage you to take key points from it as this case study I have covered has literally got the whole event covered — or most of it! This proved useful in studying the ash plume. Finally, in legal and insurance terms the EU is well prepared.

But the chaos has benefited rail, bus and ferry tour operators, who have laid on extra services, and many hotels have filled up with eyjafjaolajokull travellers.

Volcanoes case study

They discussed creating a single European Airspace this would save money and would react better to future crisis. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The IMO’s weather radar on the southwest tip of the country showed the height of the ash plume, which is important for calculating the distribution of the ash.

In this volcano there were two or more discrete magmatic sources involved, with magma of different composition. At this point the eruption was explosive but maanagement the key ingredient missing was water and volcanologists feared that the eruption may extend under the glacier- they were right! You are commenting using your Facebook account. This furthermore meant that Carbon uptake by the plants was limited. The London office gave information on ash which is based on information from the Icelandic Met Office.


eyjafjallajokull case study management

If you think trying to remember how to spell it is difficult, try pronouncing it!!! Animation of ash cloud spreading. The main risks are to livestock through fluoride ingestion from volcanic ash on pasture.

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Ash from the eruption deposited dissolved iron into the North Atlantic, triggering a phytoplankton bloom as phytoplankton production was limited by the availability of dissolved iron which is essential for plant growth. That means that the countries affected by this hazard responded by themselves or collectively, and had the capacity to do so.

Thde glacial water instantly cooled the erupting lava causing it to shatter into minute shards of glass and ash which were propelled s metres into the atmosphere by the force of the explosions. LEDCs were also badly affected, with Kenya being a great example. This led to high-altitude wind circulation, it blew clockwise spreading the volcanic ash close to the South and East of Iceland at heights of up to 7,m.

Over time this magma layers and builds up in the form of a volcanic island.

Start of the volcano erupting. Fissure eruptions are common and are frequently observed by NASA. The fountains of liquid lava were at c.

Finally, in legal and insurance terms the EU is well prepared. A series of earthquakes were recorded below the surface of the volcano, indicating a possible eruption brewing. The Eyjafjallajokull eruption caused concern to volcanologists and scientists of the more dangerous and larger neighbour called Katla.


eyjafjallajokull case study management

The tectonic setting for the Volcanic hazard. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: These are perishable goods and they are transported by plane to keep eyjafjallajoklul fresh but the flight ban meant that products returned unsold and destroyed.

Individual countries decided whether to ban flights or not. The first phase of eruption produced lava, with little explosive activity. This means that many of the countries have great capacity to cope in terms of making predictions and preparing alternatives for companies and people stuck by the restrictions on air travel.


Notify me of new comments via email. The major impact was Internationally however, as winds redistributed the ash that was pumped high into the atmosphere over Northern and western Europe and stopped flights from taking off.

eyjafjallajokull case study management

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An ice-covered Stratovolcano compositewith a 2.

Eyjafjallajokull: A Geography Case Study

This fine grained ash poses a problem to airplanes, as it can affect many systems when it enters the engines and even turn to a glassy substance because of the heat of the jet engine.

Scientists were very concerned at the time of the eruption that this eruption could be a precursor or warning sign of a much larger eruption of the historically more active and dangerous Katla. It was also categorised as both a fissure and explosive eruption.