As the they move apart pressure on the magma mantle below is released and magma rises to the surface. The main risks were to soils and water courses. The link between the two volcanoes is not well understood. Eyjafjallajokull E15 is an ice-covered stratovolcano South-East of Iceland. At the time of the crisis the Icelandic Government operates Civil Protection Department, liaises with geological experts, emergency services, local populations etc. This cloud drifted towards Northern Europe and closed the air space for days on end stranding millions of people all over the world who could not fly. The Eyjafjallajokull eruption caused concern to volcanologists and scientists of the more dangerous and larger neighbour called Katla.

First eruption On March 20 the eruption began after earthquake swarms indicated the magma chamber below the volcano was being filled with magma. Lava fountains erupted fluid magma, which quickly built several hills of bubble-filled lava rocks scoria along the vent. Oceans have a huge Carbon sequestration storage capacity, but it is believed that Carbon uptake in the region where the eruption occurred has limited capacity. Notify me of new comments via email. This process usually happens unseen under the oceans waves but in Iceland another process is happenng too. The eruption occurred 75 miles East of the capital city, and led to a death toll of 0.

Eyjafjallajokull: A Geography Case Study

Posted by Unknown at This was due to the sparse population of the country, successful humanitarian management and the prevailing winds that carried ash away from Iceland and over to Europe. The ash plume was frequently illuminated by dramatic electrical discharges thought to be the result of collisions between ash and ice particles, which generated static electricity. In visiting some of the locations affected by the eruption, the video interweaves narrative with incisive interviews of local experts including geology writer and broadcaster Ari Traustistunning archive footage of the eruption itself and supportive maps and diagrams.


eyjafjallajokull case study management

This also has a huge impact on public institutions such as schools and businesses, particularly those who rely on air freight or those whose workers were stranded overseas. It is a relatively small volcano, and is located W of Katla volcano. This means that many of the countries have great capacity to cope in terms of making predictions and preparing alternatives for companies and people stuck by the restrictions on air travel.

If you think trying to remember how to spell it is difficult, try pronouncing it!!! You are commenting using your Google account. The name eyjafjallajokulll a description of the characteristics of the volcano, namely Eyja meaning island; fjalla meaning mountain; and jokull meaning glacier.

Animation of ash cloud spreading. The Eyjafjallajokull eruption caused concern to volcanologists and scientists of the more dangerous and larger neighbour called Katla. Before the eruption in the volcano is known manzgement have erupted in, and This volcano erupts more often and is known to be more violent.

The eyjafjallajokul and impacts of the eruption, with visits to some of the localities directly affected Volcano monitoring and preparedness The impacts associated with the future eruption of Katla Positive impacts of the volcanic eruption on tourism in Iceland This video is suitable for all ages.

eyjafjallajokull case study management

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Travelers stuck by the ash cloud were entitled to legal compensation from their airlines eyjafjlalajokull their airlines were also legally responsible for the well-being of stranded passengers.

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The impact of the event social, economic, environmentalin the short and longer term. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Icelandic Manageemnt Office observes all Iceland’s volcanoes and records any warning signs of activity.

The main risks are to livestock through fluoride ingestion from volcanic ash on pasture. To make the most of this video we have also created some additional teaching resources to use in the classroom — click on the resources below to view and download.


Here, convection currents are driving apart the North American plate moving West and the Eurasian Plate moving East along a constructive or divergent plate boundary. With the help of prevailing winds and the jet stream, ash was carried southwards to Europe, meaning much of Iceland remained unaffected.

It is the most southerly volcano on mainland Iceland before Surtsey in the sea to managenent south west.

Volcano Eruption Casestudy Iceland Ash Cloud Eyjafjallajokull

The main risks were to soils and water courses. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first phase of eruption produced lava, with little explosive activity. Over 1 million flower stalks were unsold in the first two days and over 50, farmers were temporarily unemployed as their beans and peas could not be sold. An ice-covered Stratovolcano compositewith a 2. The plates are moving apart at a rate of 1cm to 5 cm per year.

By the end of April explosive activity had virtually ended, with a weak plume largely made up of steam, but flowing lava had advanced a few kilometres northwards from the crater.

The eruption occurred 75 miles East of the capital city, and led to a death toll of 0. This furthermore meant that Carbon uptake by the plants was limited. The link between the two volcanoes is not well sgudy.