There’s no need to sugarcoat it: The weather would be much colder on a night after a basketball game in Albuquerque, which would have taken place in January or February or March. You might as well start hugging your friends goodbye now because it ‘ s unlikely you ‘ ll know anything about each other post college, much less 10 or 20 years from now. Senior Year follows six friends: The film was said at the time to be the final installment with the current cast.

Troy gets green paint on his hands, then climbs over the white fence without getting green paint on it. A sing-along edition with lyrics highlighted on the screen was released in select theaters on November 7, , two weeks following its initial release. This assumption makes Troy become angry and confused about which college he is going to, and he runs away, storming around East High bewildered until he finally screams at the top of his lungs in the theater “Scream”. So I have found a happy medium: High school is fine. Showing all 33 items.

The Juilliard representatives are there, and watch as the show seems to go well. Ever since I saw High School Musical 3 eight years ago, I’ve been obsessed with giving a commencement speech. That has to have some benefits, right? During the song walk away if you look closely behind her at one point there is a picture of her and Troy during the everyday scene in High School Musical 2 along with a picture of them at prom.

Over the course of your life, you might fight anything from panic attacks to depression hs3m the hardest chemistry course of your life. Sharpay hraduation learns how it feels to be manipulated and humiliated, but nevertheless does not wish to go down. Wear the statement necklace. British Board of Film Classification.


Troy dances through the corridors at night. Hello, class of By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Entertainment Weeklyon the other hand, was very positive towards the film, praising the stars’ energy: In the yearbook room, Troy is wearing Converse sneakers.

Thank your parents and teachers. Get in the Picture appears in a music video “Just Getting Started” that is shown over the end credits of the theatrical release of the film.

Corbin Bleu’s Vegas Bachelor Party Included A Special High School Musical Guest – MTV

When Troy and Chad arrive at the junk yard, Troy gets out of the truck and you can see he has on graduatoin blue boxers. High school is fine. Ride the mechanical bull. If you struggled through high school, just wait until you have to fill out your tax forms with no prior training or knowledge. As the film ends, the graduates run across the field, the curtain falls, and they appear on the Hsn3 High stage.

graduation speech hsm3

Kelsi and Ryan start out the show followed by a couple other numbers; Jimmie then performs with Sharpay, both as understudies for Troy and Gabriella, speexh embarrasses her, although the audience applauds the performance. Any teacher would see that the student departed and see that the building was properly locked up.

High School Musical 3 – We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version) – Ouvir Música

Which beautifully brings us to the future. Meanwhile, the film’s soundtrack was also successful, as it peaked at number two in the United States.


It’s not like me to give in to my mental illness, but it also isn’t like me to endure unnecessary stress. When they start singing his boxers change to navy blue or black. Yes I am 13 years old or traduation. After that, Troy and Chad steal Jimmie and Donnie’s clothes while they are showering, thus leading through a big chase through the halls of East High and into the auditorium and Ms.

We try to be the best versions of ourselves while also worrying about taking care of others.

graduation speech hsm3

In the graduation dance scene when Chad drops the basketball and it rolls behind him, we quickly see Troy reach down and pick it up. At the half, Troy rallies his team with, ” Now or Never “, and with an assist from a new freshman graduatkon member, Jimmie “Rocket-man” Zara, the Wildcats win the Championship.

We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version)

However, since you don ‘ t know me and I barely know any of you, I don ‘ spefch have any good things to say. The premiere on Disney Channel US brought 4 million viewers. It premiered in France on 31 October on M6. The film would be released in theaters in the United States on October 24,though the film was to open in several countries including the UK at least one week earlier. Chad then asks Taylor to go to prom with him with a cheesy pick-up line.