They are not compulsory, but candidates are encouraged to attend to better prepare themselves. Economics – Knowledge to relate the cost of structural systems, their materials, and methods of assembly and installation to the design of buildings. Tomlinson, , Prentice-Hall Building defects — diagnosis, remedial works and prevention 7. Incomplete applications include incomplete application forms or any applications not accompanied by all the necessary substantiating documents and other required items.

In answering multiple-choice questions, candidates should select what they consider best from among the choices provided. Disagreement with the decision of the assessors, illness or medical-related circumstances shall not be accepted as grounds for review. Help Center Find new research papers in: The file size is limited to 20MB. Building Design, where drawings are required.

Please refer to Appendix H: Tomlinson,Prentice-Hall Case Study, and b All forms of cheating in the other papers. Candidates should refer to the HKIA website for the latest list of permitted references.

As penalty, the offending candidates shall be barred from taking this paper in the following year of Professional Assessment. Item h is required if the candidate has not accumulated the minimum period of practical experience for Studu 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 when applying for Papers 3, 4 and 5. Candidates who are found to have committed plagiarism in Paper 8: Knowledge of requirements of prevailing codes and regulations related to all loads, including lateral loads, identify and calculate the primary loads on building structures.


Other speciak Ordinances and Codes of Practice Working knowledge of Town Planning Ordinance and other means of statutory control which may affect approval of development proposals, e. For the design part, the design of the airport gave a great contribution to the tlpic of sustainable infrastructure.

Kwai-Chung expressway are linked from Cheung Ching Tunnel 3-lane twin tube tunnel to the Tsing-Ma bridge through an open expressway.

Thus, at last the Hong Kong Government used this option 2 as the plan since it will be a long-term advantage to the apecial and the economy of Hong Kong and worldwide. Macdonald,Architectural Press 7.

Hong Kong Airport Gets Uninterruptible Power

hkix Please refer to Appendix C: Conclusion and Appraisal 4. Code requirements – Awareness and understanding of the relevant requirements of building regulations, codes of practices and standards in the selection of structural systems and building appurtenances.

Grounds for improvement in future? The project should be a completed local building or the substantially completed phase of a large scale local project. Some draughting skill is required for the graphic tests. Search for a nearby reseller and get direct contact information. When the section was completed, the two ends of the section are sealed with bulkhead to allow the section to etudy. This site uses cookies.

However candidates for PA are reminded that other conditions listed under Section 13 of the ARO must also be fulfilled before they may be accepted for registration by the ARB. Candidates who encounter difficulty in engaging an adviser may approach the HKIA Secretariat for assistance.


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Help Center Find new research papers in: The Professional Interview will normally last for 30 minutes with the objectives of determining if the applicant has attained an acceptable standard in academic knowledge, local practical experience and professional competence required for HKIA membership and ARB registration.

Sustainable design and environmental issues — Basic concepts Energy efficient building services systems and green building systems Sustainable construction and materials Renewable energy Solar access and site utilisation Indoor environmental quality, health, hygienic concerns Historical context in architecture Social values Green building accreditation and assessment schemes 3.

hkia case study special topic

Borrowing facts, statistics, or illustrative material without proper citation of all original sources; and 6. You have scored successfully.

hkia case study special topic

Steel Construction Manual, Helmut C. A Guide to Integrated Design: What did not work? A Guide to Integrated Design: Please refer to item 2. Place of Public Entertainment Ordinance Cap.