Pls i need you to explain the difference between cover letter and application letter. References Include two references on your CV. Let me sound this as an important notice. One should be your last employer, while the other one should be someone who has known you for a long time. There is no best way in preparing or constructing a CV. How to Apply for a Job. How to be Confident.

I really appreciate it.. Please if possible need a copy to my email address. Pls can i have a copy of this? There is no need to use full sentences, you can gap the information or use bullet points. Please forward it to my emailemail: Kindly send me a copy:

The main thing here is to present a simple, non ambiguous but professional CV.

Best CV Examples

It is important when the prospective employer looks at this document that they instantly know you are a great candidate to interview, regardless of the type of job from hostessing to engineering.

After no 5 which is hobbies like reading, swimming, making research and meeting people. Interview Tips – How to Stand Out. I have found out that most people are not honest in this category.

In most cases, you need to list qualifications and training in reverse chronological order, but if that does not put hooe strongest qualifications and training at the top, then rearrange your list.


How to Write A Simple and Professional Curriculum Vitae

Hi admin, how does a person without a work experience or particular skills prepare a CV…. It is a good idea to create your first CV several days before you need it. Try to treat cover letter as well. Please also note that currkculum is better to submit your CV in.

Your curriculum vitae should start with your personal information including your name, address, email address, and telephone numbers. Things like having good communication skills, being a good team player, being a computer literate e. I will appreciate if you can send the format of cover letter too sir.

Here is the difference between an application letter and a cover letter. Let me sound this as an important notice. Include two references on your CV. You would have to specify all relevant educational qualifications.

hoe lyk n curriculum vitae

Unemployment and How to Build Skills. Pls,i need answers to the following questions: Thanks for the suggestion but you know that there are various formats in writing a CV or resume. Please send a copy to my email… agilitypapautali yahoo.

hoe lyk n curriculum vitae

Could you please send the format to my email. In fact, i really comment your effort sir. I prefer cv in pdf as they will be rendered the same way anywhere.

How to Write A Simple but Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Nigerian Infopedia

Alternatively, use this section to talk about other achievements that you have earned. Secondly, You should put your educational qualifications which give a detailed information about the schools, universities you attended. Please send it to my email: Find it now on Gumtree. How to Prepare for a Career Fair. Then, have a friend proofread it to see if they can spot any errors. First and Foremost, you should write your personal details which usually contain name, vjtae, email, phone number, state of origin e.


Use a bold font for this information to help set it apart from the remainder of the vutae. Thanks ya all,this is nice. Martha Ruby Mailing Address: It is different from an application letter.

An application on the other hand is a formal letter that tells your interested recruiter that you have the qualities that they need as stipulated in where you found their requirement.