Returned and discussed graded work for concept review of topic sentences and the parts of a body paragraph, finding the main idea versus details in expository, reviewing the three types of rhetoric, and using context clues for vocabulary words. Computer lab to use research questions to locate resources for group topic; use the checklist on page to check credibility; discuss findings with group members and fill out KWL chart; watch opening scene of Invictus and discuss. Parents received an email or a printed copy of it to guide that work. Worked in groups to create a “Statistics Poster” for the Claim: Short Cycle Assessment on Activity 3. How to improve essay writing for sat. Students received two body paragraphs and had to write an introduction and conclusion for it.

How to write the common app essay Then we started Demonstrative Adjectives with examples. Law research paper format. Finish finding 3 pieces of text evidence to support the theme of “Sometimes good comes out of bad situations” for the novel, Tangerine – part 1. Then had a pre-quiz for the next unit. If I can’t read it, you must type it. Should students have homework every night.

Finish writing two letters for Monday. We did a Venn diagram of expository v. I only see my 4th period honors class today. Importance of fruits essay in hindi. Sapling homework 12 mo access code. Cinema business plan template. Test over Asia on Thursday.


Do the right thing analysis essay. Students didn’t finish the debate notecards on Friday.

Printed Pictures of the sky -Due April 7th. Complete scripts for Panel Discussions, practice and give feedback to other groups.

Gcse lord of the flies essay

Work on reflection questions while viewing the rest of Life is Beautiful. Close Reading packet – pgs. Took assessment over “Claim” and finished working on posters and notecards for debate. Forensic investigation dissertation topics. Computer lab to finish annotated bibliography notecard; share information with group members; watch clip 1 of Invictus and write questions for assigned portion of graphic organizer.

Slc punk fight essay. Review learning targets for Seeing is Believing; practice the difference between the literal meaning and the figurative meaning of words and phrases; apply to the novel; focus on one character’s ability on what they choose to see and not choose to see; jigsaw with other groups to share ideas; close read the novel beginning on page Did a “Thumbs Up” activity for “Reading Strategy” for page and recorded your responses.


Check in HW, look at comic strips and political cartoons.

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Paper is due, typed, MLA formatted, and emailed, on Monday the 18th. Finish “Informal Letter to Principal” and Do page 1, 2, and 3. See rubric in Springboard book on page Reviwed homework then conjugated 3 stem-changing verbs. Antrag bachelor thesis hs wismar.

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Get your essay and the exemplary model signed and bring them back to school. Literature review purdue owl sample.

How to improve essay writing for sat. Setting – correct form and practice.

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Then reviewed vocabulary from homework. Analyze characterization and theme development.

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Scroll down to the databases and use the links as modeled in class today. Are you resubmitting by Friday, April 29? We have a sub today. Show my homework homepage. Tyes over Types of Governments on Thursday.

homework hotspot plank jr high

We also wrote where each skill will be scored onto our rubric.