Could you please email me do i have to pay any fees to get comparability certificate.. I am have completed diploma in electrical engineer 3 year course as well as I have completed 2 year course electrical service technician in India. We are unable to advise on working rights in the UK or entry requirements for internships. The medium of instruction, syllabus and examination system in this university is english. I will just confirm if there will be a chance, in case that I let you evaluate my degree of course, to avail your services , that my degree may be that of equivalent to the UK?

Saint Paul University 4. The HCPC may require a statement of comparability in order to help make an informed decision in this regard or they may have the necessary information to do this already and will be able to provide you with the necessary confirmation to provide to the BPS. I would have met all these criteria long time ago but I have just decided to apply for citizenship. Could you please how do you compare my qualification with British. Hi Juanita, glad to hear you found the statement!

We would recommend you contact the Home Office directly for information on this matter to determine the necessary requirements. U never returned my original degree and I covee asked that the university send the degree to yourselves directly, which they did. It is advised to apply online and submit documentation for Specialists to consider.

Can u please let me know. NARIC, Thank you for your answer, I think I just need to assess the qualification of the degree, not the grades of any single subject, but the statement that the classification of the bachelor degree is first class honours, 2: All three had a passing cor of percent, the PRC said.

Nxric are unable to provide advice as to what jobs you could apply for with your qualifications however many employers do ask for a level of qualification in their application process and a statement of comparability from UK NARIC would help them understand the level of qualifications you have.


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HiI have a degree in engineering and I would like to apply for the recognition. Is this equivalent to bachelors degree in UK? In case that I decide to avail your services, I will be taking the red route which will include a Statement of Comparability and a English certification — as discussed by your advisers to me.

Explaining your Statement of Comparability http: Can I apply to study masters directly?

How a UK NARIC Statement of Comparability can help – UK NARIC

Full details on our procedures can be found here: Thanks for your message although we offer services that may assist you with visa we are not directly involved in this process and are unable to comment on requirements. We would therefore advise you to check with the Home Office directly http: Does that mean that this lrtter would be acceptable?

Is Transcript compulsory for Statement of Comparability?

how to write a cover letter for uk naric

Unfortunately we are not aware of the requirements for grants and this may vary from covrr organisation to another. This is good news: Could you please advise me how to satisfied them because in my understanding, if I have a higher qualification than NVQ level required for a specific card then I need not to do NVQ. Pakistan has a large and complex education system.

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We have conducted a survey into why people are using our service and the main reason as to why they were applying for a SoC was to enhance their application. The other point is that my qualification was taught in English but NARIC online tool does not give me option for English in Language of instruction section. I would like narkc know this as I have only one week left to book an English Language test for next month. Lots of helpful info here. I left an email on ur given id along with copy of my certificates.


Hi Tetyana, I can give you English lessons via Skype to polish your language skills.

How a UK NARIC Statement of Comparability can help

The UK NARIC service provided to individuals does not compare grades- we only compare the overall level of an award to a level within the UK national qualification framework.

If you are unhappy with the assessment received and believe it to be incorrect you can follow the appeals process specified here: I have done master in applied psychology from Pakistan. You are welcome to upload all qualifications from high school onwards if you would like them to covre compared. I am have completed diploma in electrical engineer 3 year course as well as I have completed 2 year course electrical service technician in India.

Does this mean that the comparability that the NARIC has provided is based on the instiitution that q been known prestigious regardless of the educational attainment, curriculum of the university and the qualifications we have provided? What will be on the statement of comparability?

We dont get a clear answer on this and maybe if you can help us by giving us the agency in the Fot that give you the information about prestigious universities and we can make an appeal.

how to write a cover letter for uk naric