Install an operating system, application software and LA2. Candidate compiles 2 a. Work in groups of two to four to find information and discuss on the latest open source software available and the latest development in ICT. N database project or 3. Write the IP address of the computer. Name a DBMS used in 1 web-based application. The school has to make ample copy for the usage of the subject teacher.

Untwist and straighten each wire. Start the anti-spyware H1 application and choose a scan mode. The system will be ready in the year , till then the scoring should be done manually in the Assessment Checklist Form ACF provided by Lembaga Peperiksaan. Copy the ping result. State the scan mode 1 H3 selected. Sources of reference 1 Submit a soft copy OR hard copy of the presentation. In this unit pupils use a database to solve a murder mystery.

Foursework Software Installation Aspect: Start the anti- summary. TMIS should generate a report to show the subject marks, total marks and average marks of the students from each class. Name a programming language used 1 to develop web-based application. The report must show the subject marks, total marks and average marks of the students .81 each class. Pupils are assessed at regular intervals and are encouraged to accept responsibility for their learning by formal and informal reviews of their progress and performance.


Pupils learn some basic programming skills to control everyday devices and create a program a simple electronic game. Explain the latest open Candidate works in 4 source OS.

ict coursework 8.1

Name each table 2 b. Install an Examples of operating operating system. Install an operating system, application software and LA2.

ICT & Computing – Holy Cross Catholic High School

Print screen can be used to display scan 2. Analysis Phase The multimedia product Write the project title, must be interactive, 3 objective and target educational and include audience. The BCC owner faces difficulties in tracking its business services. Students voursework develop a knowledge and understanding of how to review, design, produce and evaluate a video clip which is fit for purpose.

Apply all the phases of multimedia production to produce an LA4. Content 2 1 1 2 c. When it was developed 2 c. Describe Internet Technology and Services a.

H2 2 1 2 2 Write the number of slides used. Pupils will use a range of software and develop their skills in application packages as well as computer science. Display cooperation H1 a. Saripah has problem in preparing a list of students cit are taking part in the sports day events based on their sports houses and age categories. Explain the latest WAF.


ICT & Computing

Each construct may have one or more aspects. H2 Write the number of slides used.

ict coursework 8.1

Ping the other 3 computer. Completed Candidate can print 3.

Students will be able to develop and demonstrate their creative flair by combining multimedia components to create a jct, energetic or stimulating webpage or interactive product. Install an operating system, application software and S04 LA2. Describe Mobile Computing a.

Pupils develop their information finding skills by carrying out research into various topics and learn how to manipulate images and videos. Mark Criterion filled courseworkk candidate if assessor necessary H1 H2 H3 1. List all the required input items Choose any of the c. Discount will be given to customers based on the amount they spent. Choose ONE of the following topics: